Find Marriot Careers Digitally Via New Recruitment App

Find Marriot Careers Digitally Via New Recruitment AppAt Marriot International Inc, their recruitment process could change the way recruitment is done in the future. Following extensive research and focus group consultations, in partnership with Evviva brands, a new App, (available for iPad users with iPhone App still in development) will be able to help Marriot advertise their job vacancies to their target demographics.

Young people, with aspirations of success in the hotel industry. This isn’t just about showcasing job opportunities though. Part of the research done through focus groups, indicated that the youths of today aren’t as interested in job opportunities, but they’d rather know what it’s really like to work for a company.

That’s part of what’s been developed with the new iPad App for Marriot.

Real job opportunities with real employees telling it how it really is

Some folks may feel as though starting a job, waiting on tables isn’t much of a career move. However, with Marriot, their employees are the people who make those jobs turn to life. It’s a starting point in the career with real opportunities for development.

You can find out how an employee started working in Singapore, working front of house, progressing onto become a supervisor, undertaking career development courses to work their way up to hotel management positions, and perhaps even travelling internationally, within their chosen career path.

The Marriot group know the difference between a job and a career. Their vacancies are aimed at bringing career-focused individuals into their business, and then helping them to succeed and become the best they can be. It’s the reason they have had the App developed – To bring in suitable candidates that will help the business grow to meet their future goals.

Becoming part of “global growth”

At the present time, Marriot currently has a portfolio consisting of 40’000 rooms, making it among the largest hoteliers in the world.

Their expansion plans aim to double the global rooms to a total of 80’000 rooms, by 2015. That’s a huge expansion to undertake from any business, and the key to the group achieving those targets, lay in the hands of hiring the right staff for the right jobs, and offering a real opportunity for career development. To reach the candidates they need to help their business grow, Marriot now have the technology in place, to make their business plans turn into a reality.

The youth culture today is technologically savvy, and that’s what’s being capitalized on here. With the introduction of the “Marriot Jobs in Europe App,” people can now find out the vast amount of opportunities that lay in wait within Marriot International Inc.

They’ve a huge portfolio and have a consistent record of being a top employer to work for. With 16 years consecutively being listed among the Fortune magazine’s top 100 companies to work for, they certainly know how to keep their staff happy. 2013 has also seen Marriot listed the 7th best employer to work with. How do they do it?

  • By understanding what people really want from a job
  • Giving employees a sense of belonging
  • Being part of a family
  • Creating friendships that help employees feel part of a family. (it makes make for a happy working environment.)

Marriot have done their research. They know young people don’t want to just hear about jobs. They want to hear from the staff in the positions, about what a job involves on a day-to-day basis. They need to know how to get involved, and also how they can progress in the hotel industry.

The Marriot Jobs in Europe App is how the group are able to act on the facts they know, and reach the people they need to help drive their business forward. If a career in the hotel sector is something you’re interested in, then being part of global expansion with a top recruiter is a sure fire way to get your foot in the door.

Will recruitment become digitalised?

Who knows, but the first of its kind is available and only the future will tell if other employers bring App technology into their businesses to optimise the recruitment process. That’s what the App is aimed at. It’s not a way to replace face-to-face recruitment… it’s about ensuring that the right applicants are applying for the right positions that are available.

That alone, could prove to be a cost-effective measure helping businesses to cut recruitment costs, through the time-saved with irrelevant applications.