Further Jobs Boost to Belfast in Software Development Firm Allstate

Further Jobs Boost to Belfast in Software Development Firm AllstateThis past week has definitely been a week that sees Northern Ireland booming in the jobs sector.

In particular, within the finance field, as news comes of another 650 skilled jobs, only this time in the software sector of finance. Invest Ireland; a government funding scheme set up to boost the economy would appear to be doing an awesome job in that front.

Less than a week ago saw the announcement of 177 graduate jobs, with global finance firm Deloitte, in the Belfast area. This week sees Northern Ireland receive similar great news on the jobs front, this time with 650 jobs in the software development firm Allstate.

There are already 200 positions filled, with a further 450 jobs available, which the company are aiming to have fulfilled by 2016. Unemployed rates around Northern Ireland currently stand at 8.4%, sitting above the UK unemployment average of 7.9%, with 64’800 people on benefits.

Support from Invest Ireland has provided Allstate with just over £4.5m in financial assistance, contributing their ongoing expansion plan. Once all 650 positions are filled within the firm, it will see Allstate among the largest companies in Northern Ireland, with a workforce of 2’600 employees.

Due to the skilled nature of the jobs being software related, there’s a good salary for those going into these positions. Average salaries are approximately £30’000 working with Allstate. The additional 650 jobs on those salaries, will bring an additional £19.5m, to 650 families in Belfast, Londonderry, and Strabane.

Unemployment rates for the areas in need of the jobs

  • Londonderry – Jobs in Derry will be a great boost to the area as it’s currently sitting at an 8.6% unemployment rate, with 6’107 people on state benefits, currently seeking work.
  • Strabane – Strabane is a smaller area with 7.4% of the community unemployed, accounting for 1’886 people.
  • Belfast: The current rate of unemployment across Belfast is 8.1%, accounting for a total of 14’090 people on work related benefits.

The jobs boost from Allstate is a much welcome boost to not just for the people of Northern Ireland but to the UK economy as a whole.

The hopes of First Minister, Peter Robinson is that the message coming from this announcement will help attract further business to Northern Ireland, as the company is among the top Fortune 100 companies.

A 650 jobs boost is large and it will send a clear message to international investors that Northern Ireland has the skills they need, to expand their business with the confidence in the people of Northern Ireland.

The types of jobs available

There are different jobs available within the company, which include:

  • Software development jobs
  • Software testing jobs
  • Infrastructure services
  • Analytics posts

With a firm the size of Allstate, this could be the beginning of a completely new career for you to progress from within a world leader in financial software development. A top firm, founded in Belfast back in 1998, and now a global leader in financial software products market, with positions available that can see you become part of the company’s success.