Graduates Are Heading into Menial Work

Graduates Are Heading into Menial WorkA recent report made sobering reading for any graduate who has just left university with their long fought for degree.

According to research carried out by the Higher Education Careers Services Unit, there has been a sea change in the approach taken by many different employers in the workplace.

Many of them are now looking for applicants to have degrees when in the past no degree would have been necessary for certain positions. Menial work and lower skilled job roles were once taken up by those with no degree, since these types of jobs were traditionally filled by people who had few qualifications.

However the tide is turning and many graduates are finding they have to take these types of jobs as their preferred career roles are simply too hard to get or there is too much competition for them.

Why is this happening?

One of the main reasons why this change is happening in the workplace is due to an increasing number of people electing to go to university.

This means more graduates are entering the workplace at the same time, even though there may be no increase in the number of roles that are available for them. Thus some employers are now asking applicants to have degrees, whereas in the past they didn’t need them.

Does this mean a degree has no value?

Not necessarily; in fact the research shows that graduates will still earn more money over time than those people who elected not to go to university. In addition to this graduates have always been seen to progress faster in their careers than those who did not graduate, and this holds true now as well.

A challenging workplace to enter

Most people will be aware that the workplace is currently a challenging place to gain a foothold in. For this reason many graduates are taking on jobs they didn’t think they would. Some of these jobs do not require a degree, making them overqualified for the positions.

However there is good news in store – many graduates find they move on faster than their less qualified counterparts. So while the first rung on the employment ladder may not be as nice as they thought it might be, there are far better ones not too far above it.

If you are a graduate and you are searching for work or you have already got a menial job instead of the one you wanted, don’t despair. Employers still value a degree so you should take time to look for a suitable course of action.

Just because you have a menial job at the moment (or that turns out to be the first job you get), don’t despair that things will always stay that way. You may have more control over your future than you think.