Heat Brings Hot Growth the Retail Sector

Heat Brings Hot Growth the Retail SectorThere’s no mistaking that the summer weather is finally here. A summer that’s not been seen for some time, and it comes at a time that’s much needed to the retail sector.

Growth has been strong in recent weeks, with certain areas of the high streets seeing as high as a 50% sales increase.

The increases come as more people head out the shops, to enjoy the finest of weather only usually witnessed when holidaying abroad.

With the summer in full swing, Brits are taking to the highstreet, making the most of the summer, as well as the tourists on holiday around the country.

It all adds up to a major boost in nearly every shop location up and down city centres around the nation.

Alfresco dining sees the most sales boost

One of the things that Brits are loving is the ability to dine as you do on holiday.

Alfresco dining style!

Taking a stroll along the highstreet, stopping by a small bistro, to enjoy a Café Latte, Cappuccino, or other fine coffee. All while sitting in the sun as you would in true Italian fashion. Only for most, it’s only a short gander into your local highstreet, with not much travel at all.

Others are taking to the beer gardens of the fine wine bars, and local restaurants, as more tables become in more demand.

Smaller bars with no outside premises will be feeling the pinch, as those who have the licences for outside seating and the ability to meet consumer demand, are seeing a huge spike in the sales volume.

The busiest day of the week being the Ashes, when people took the bars after the match to enjoy a cooling off beverage while getting the most of the sun.

The variety of summer stock sales boost to local stores

While the fine wines and outdoor eateries have had a huge spike in sales, it’s extended past that. With the previous months seeing an extended winter, people haven’t been spending on the holiday wardrobes, if they hadn’t a holiday booked.

For those who haven’t planned a getaway, the holidays are right at home. The additional savings from staying at home, is leading to people turning to the fashion stores, getting their summer wardrobes kitted out for the much needed cooler clothes for the scorching heat.

Fashion items from summer shorts, t-shirts, vests tops, right through to open sandals are all seeing an increase in sales.

Besides the fashion stores seeing an increase, the scorching heat comes with an increased health warning to the public regarding skin protection, and dehydration.

Skin care is crucial, and that’s led to pharmacies having to up the stocks for sun creams and skin cooling lotions, for those with prolonged exposure to the heat.

Bottled water is one of the highest in demand products that most stores are seeing the sales volume increase.

In figures released from the British Retail Consortium, June saw the highest spike since April 2011. The figures for July have not yet been released, but it’s sure to continue with the positive results seen prior the July summer heat, driving more consumers to the highstreet.

The feel good factor as everyone enjoys the summer weather has been met with consumer confidence in local stores.

Promotional activity among retailers has seen an increase, but that’s going down well with the good moods of consumers out in the town, raising the sales volume of nearly every retailer on the highstreet.