How Many Jobs Should You Apply For?

How Many Jobs Should You Apply For?When it comes to looking for a new job there is no limit to the number you should apply for. It can be disheartening to apply fo

r hundreds of jobs, and either you never hear back or progress no further than the interview. But we do hear stories of people who got a job on their 300th attempt, or some other figure. If you applied for 242 jobs and got nowhere and you gave up, you would never know whether the 243rd would have been ‘the one’.

If you are job hunting and feeling disheartened at your lack of progress, here are some things to do that might help.

Treat your job search like a part time job

Get a plan together so you know which sources to check for jobs each day. Not only will it enable you to unearth more jobs and apply for more positions as well, it will also make you feel more positive. Regular habits are far more likely to lead to opportunities than the odd attempt to find a job every now and then.

Learn from each experience

While it can be disappointing not to hear back from job applications, it is better to adopt a policy of forgetting about each one unless you do hear anything. That way you won’t feel down about it all the time. In addition you can see if there is anything to be learned from experiences where you do go further in the application process.

For example if you get to the interview but you don’t get the job, see if you can understand why. Sometimes you won’t know, but you can at least look at the interview procedure as practice – you will get better every time you do it.

Tailor your applications

Don’t make the mistake of sending out a standard CV for every job you want to apply for.

Sometimes you will have to fill in a proper application form anyway, and this will prompt you to pay attention and provide the required information. However you should always ensure you make your CV unique every time you are required to send it in. This doesn’t mean cheating or writing information that isn’t true.

Rather, it means assessing your skills and abilities and making sure you highlight the ones that will be most appealing to the company or business you are applying to work for. As you can see, if you adopt the right mindset you will automatically improve your chances of getting a better job.

It can be difficult to do this at times, but if you focus on continually applying for jobs and then moving on to the next ones, you won’t constantly be looking back. You’ll be looking forward, knowing the next job you could apply for could always be the one you are searching for. This can be difficult to do to begin with, but if you adopt a better mental attitude you might be surprised where the results can take you.