How to Progress Up the Career Ladder

How to Progress Up the Career LadderMost people have clearly defined goals when it comes to their chosen careers.

We often enter a field that not only appeals to us, but one in which there is room for advancement, so that the option to become even more successful remains available. This doesn’t mean that advancing in your career is going to be easy, however, but there are ways to go about progressing up the career ladder that can make it a little less hard.

Master the Art of Communication

The written word and the spoken word will both go a long way towards your advancement, no matter what field you are in.

Being articulate, and able to write in a concise, professional manner will help you to not only stand out in a crowd, but will help you get your ideas, and messages across loud and clear.

Never Stop Learning

You’ve trained to get where you are today, taken whatever courses were necessary and passed every test, but it doesn’t stop there. Education is an ongoing process when climbing that corporate ladder, and if you don’t keep up, and push ahead, you’ll be left behind.

Dress for Success

It might seem cliché, but you know the old adage about how the simple act of smiling can put you in a better mood? The same holds true for dressing the part. Keep your appearance neat, cover the tattoos, leave the piercings out for day time and invest in a smart work related wardrobe. The higher ups will notice you.

Find Yourself a Mentor

If you want to know how to get ahead, ask someone who has already done it. You will gain valuable insights and tips as well as learn from any mistakes they may have made.


Get yourself on LinkedIn and hook up with others in your industry. You can make some great contacts and find out about any prospective job openings in your field. Keep your tone professional and soon others will be looking to you for advice.

Be a Part of the Team

Yes, you are trying to propel yourself up the career ladder, but don’t forget that there is no “I” in team. Let the higher ups see that you know how important it is to work together, the time will come when you can toot your own horn as well. Progressing up the career ladder doesn’t have to be hard, just stay on track, set yourself some realistic clear goals, and look to others for help when you need it.