Is the Retail Sector in for a Troubling Start to the New Year?

Is the Retail Sector in for a Troubling Start to the New Year?Those who are working in the retail sector may not be greeting the New Year with much confidence. According to information released in the news in recent days, many big name companies are on the brink of failure.

Of course we have seen some good trading in the run up to Christmas and in the New Year sales, but it has not been enough to stave off the end for some businesses.

According to information from several sources, rents are due in January and it is thought that some businesses will not be able to meet this costly bill. Certainly, some businesses are struggling and may not be able to surmount the many challenges that have been thrown their way.

Names such as HMV and Clinton Cards are in the frame for a particularly challenging future, so it will be interesting to see how the next few weeks pan out.

So is it wise to look for work in the retail sector?

Despite the gloomy news that has greeted the New Year, all is not lost. Retail is a word that covers all manner of businesses, from DIY stores to furniture stores and through to homewares and entertainment businesses.

Some businesses, such as John Lewis for example, have bucked the trend and done extremely well, while others have struggled. But in other areas things are looking up. It is predicted that businesses selling DIY and gardening items will do well this year, particularly if we get a much better summer than last year.

So if you are looking for work in the retail sector you may be better off – and safer too – if you look at businesses in this area.

Retail experience can also be used to gain jobs in many areas of retail

The good news is that even if you are unfortunate and you lose a job in retail, your experience in this area can stand you in good stead for finding similar work elsewhere. If you are looking for your first job in this area it is wise to consider those companies that are on a fairly firm footing at present.

Of course it is impossible to tell exactly which ones are doing well and which may be struggling more than is immediately obvious. But you can minimise the chances of losing your job in retail by opting for areas that tend to be more buoyant, as indicated above.

Will the internet be the death of the high street?

Many people have pointed to the influence and good deals offered by online stores as contributing to the demise of big name brands such as Woolworths. While this may be true in part, some high street retailers are learning how to compete on this new playing field.

John Lewis has shown how it can still be a major player and a big success, so all is not lost on the retail front. If you want to enjoy a retail job in the New Year, be selective in where you look in order to secure the best future.