JCB Announces Plans for £150M Investment, Creating 2’500 Jobs by 2018 in Staffordshire

newsThe latest announcement after the unveiling of the Autumn Statement from the Chancellor of the Exchequer sees the first announcement of financial investment to secure new jobs in the Staffordshire area with JCB.

Whilst the announcement does confirm that there are to be 2’500 jobs in Staffordshire, created by JCB, the sheer size of the company will take a ripple effect, creating more jobs supporting economic growth across the UK.

According to a recent study from Oxford Economics, for every one job in JCB another three are created in the overall UK supply chain. Should that hold true, it’s expected to see a further 7’500 jobs in the UK JCB supply chain.

The initial phase of job creations will start with an all-new purpose-built factory, incorporating 350’000 square feet, in Beamhurst, close to Uttoxeter. The new facility will replace the smaller site in Rugeley. The new factory will enable an increase in the production of JCB Cab Systems in the UK, by reducing the cabs made by third party European suppliers, creating more jobs in the UK.

Key areas of expansion include…

Expansion to Rocester UK

Further expansion will move to Rocester, with an additional 126’000 square foot of manufacturing space, intended to improve the amount of hydraulic cylinders the company already produces for their fleet.

Expansion to Cheadle, Staffordshire

This is the big one, consisting of a 220’000 square feet manufacturing plant, to be built within the Harewood Industrial Estate area of Cheadle, in Staffordshire. An increased production of Earthmovers and JCB Compact products will move here, from the smaller existing facility in Staffordshire.

Finance and Insurance set to move too

Existing JCB finance and insurance offices are currently based in Rocester. Those are set to relocate to the new, high-end office location in the Harper Meadow area of Denstone.

A new in-house training centre to be introduced

One of the longer-term investments to come from the £150M investment is the announcement of JCB introducing their own in-house training campus. It’s reported to be run alongside key colleges and universities around the Staffordshire area, and geared towards attracting apprenticeships, as well a JCB graduate training program.

For Manufacturing Jobs, JCB is a company committed to Growth

With a backing of a £150M investment, it’s clear that financial commitment to the growth of manufacturing jobs around the UK are there from JCB. Currently operating 11 sites around the UK, with an additional 11 sites positioned globally, it’s a strong company to align yourself with.

After reaching a milestone of selling their one-millionth JCB machine, this year, they certainly have the history behind them, and are an iconic company who will remain to be a strong leader in the construction of machinery for decades to come.

With the announcement of the JCB training facility for staff to continue training it shows there’s also scope for career progression, with a company committed to helping you do that.

Starting out, there’s already the JCB Training Academy Trust, specialising in Diplomas in Business and Engineering, from which progression into a career with JCB can be started. Going forward, the introduction of the new training campus will ensure that all staff have the best training opportunities to reach independent career goals, with full company support.

If you’re interested in engineering, manufacturing, or a career in the business field, then it’s probably a good idea to include the JCB brand in your research for companies to pursue a career with. With a minimum of 2.5K new jobs in the next few years, now is the time to get prepared.