Jobs Across Closing Comet Stores Finally Go Just a Week Before Christmas

The news was awash with articles and pictures of what remained of a slew of Comet stores across the country on 18th December, just one week before Christmas Day.

The scenes of empty shelves and disconsolate shop workers brought back memories of another major High Street name, Woolworths, whose stores also closed around the Christmas and New Year period.

It is estimated that thousands of jobs have now gone as a result of Comet finally shutting up shop on the 18th December. Many employees had already gone, either through choice or as a result of job cuts, but now the remainder of the workers have left the shops for the final time.

The remaining stock – what little was left to sell – went on the final day and employees were left to head home wondering what the future held. It is understood that some have found alternative sources of work, but for many it will be a bleak Christmas as they face a New Year filled with uncertainty.

There are still many people without work and the collapse of Comet means many more will join them.

Many bargain hunters who tried to pick up some items in the final days of trading expressed their sorrow for those who were shortly to be without a job. Losing your job is devastating at any time of the year, but it is particularly the case when it occurs just a few short days before Christmas.

What happens now?

It is thought the government will foot the bill for redundancy costs due to those employees who can claim them. But beyond that every town and city in the country that had a Comet store will now have more people looking for work.

While some seasonal jobs are still available in the last few days before Christmas, many will probably opt to start looking for work in the New Year. But perhaps the biggest story here is that Comet is just one of the latest big name companies to go under as a result of the recession.

Tough trading conditions have forced many businesses to go through poor sales results, although there are some that have bucked the trend. John Lewis is one such company, trading well and proving that with the right plan in place there are still profits to be made. This will come as cold comfort to those who have just lost their jobs though. While some will have plans for the future already, others will be wondering what to do next.

Redundancy and job losses can hit some more than others, so if you are affected by the closure of Comet and you are struggling to come to terms with it, make sure you seek advice. Many people go through redundancy in their lifetime – some more than once – and you can often come through it and end up in a better position.

So seek advice and support and make sure you are ready to get back into the jobs market again.