Outlander TV Production Boosts Glasgow Economy with 200 Jobs

 TV Production Boosts Glasgow EconomyA new US based TV show is to be filmed in Scotland, creating a new TV studio, with 200 jobs for the initial production of US TV series Outlander. It’s exciting news for British TV production and UK actors, with an announcement from Starz and Sony Pictures Television.

Outlander will be based on a series of novels written by Diana Gabaldon. The novels tell the story of Claire and James Fraser. A couple with an ability to time travel through the 18th century and 20th century Scotland.

What better place to film the production that in Scotland.

That’s what will be done and it’s come together with the aid of the UK governments tax incentives to create  high-end TV shows, which capture the essence of British culture.

The tax relief has been in place for years, but previously only applied to film productions in Britain. That was extended in 2012 to include the production of high-end TV shows, with Outlander being the first production to take advantage of the tax breaks.

A historic moment that will see Outlander become an iconic show with a lasting legacy in Scotland.

Whilst the show will see the production in Scotland, bringing the nations culture to a global audience…the production studio is what will make for a lasting boost in the production industry.

Currently, there are very few dedicated studios in Scotland, so a state-of-the-art studio is likely to further global attraction for future high-end TV productions, as well as films.

What the jobs are and the potential to expand throughout the UK

The initial casting, due to begin in September will provide jobs for a range of people involved in the production of TV and films. Talent agencies will be drafted in to assist in assigning characters to the roles.

It’s expected to be in the region of 2400 supporting roles in the casting of the episodes as they roll out.

Of the 200 jobs to be created, those are going to be in production studio. There will be a range of camera crew jobs, design work, and beauty jobs to oversee the makeup of each actor.

The UK has some excellent talent for TV and Film producers, scriptwriters, and casting crewmembers, but there’s been very little investment leading to actors, film, and camera crews, struggling to find work.

The investment from Starz and Sony Pictures Television brings the financial backing to the industry, with government making it tax efficient to invest in the country.

The new studio is what will make a tremendous impact for future generations. Outlander is only the beginning of what could see some major global attraction for other large TV and film producers to take advantage of the talent throughout Britain.

The Expanding Reach to the Economy

Due to the raving success the Outlander book series has seen, it’s not something that’s been captured by a Scottish audience. It has attracted foreign interest though, and that’s brought about economic growth, just from the previously published books.

The travel sector is one that’s been able to capitalise on the global attraction, by providing what’s referred to as “Jamie and Lewis Tours.” This brings people from all over the globe to Scotland, to see the areas that are described in the book, and capture the cultural settings.

As the book is transformed into a 16 episode series, to be shown on the Starz cable network, it’ll bring the story to a global TV audience. Including bringing the story to a Scottish audience who haven’t been exposed to the series of novels.

The creation of the 200 jobs is only the first boost to the economy. As the momentum picks up, it’s expected that TV and loyal book fans of the series will become more aware of what Britain has to offer, and attract more tourists to visit the settings, and boost the economy even more.

It’s exciting times for British actors, and film crews, and it’s a platform that can be a launch into further investment. The tax incentives available are there to attract international TV and film producers. Britain has the excellent talent on offer, as well as the creative talent agencies on hand to assist in attracting the right actors for the roles.

It’s only now that the incentive schemes on offer are being picked up by international production companies. It’s the first significant investment into the British TV and Film production sector, that brings with it the investment and publicity the industry needs to prosper.