Seasonal Job Search Season Begins

Seasonal Job SearchIf you’ve been unemployed for the most part of the year, and actively pursuing work, now’s the time to switch it up a gear. You may think you’re going flat out in your job hunt, but that could be your downfall.

The trick is to work smarter and not harder The philosophy most workers take, and also something you can apply in your job hunting efforts. You can do that by switching forward from seeking out current jobs, and beating others to the jobs that will be vacant in the not too distant future.

Seasonal jobs for the summer will begin around April, running through to September. Only three months away until those seasonal contracts end, leaving more people in the running for the festive season temporary contracts.

If you’ve been unemployed for more than 6 months, then some sound advice is to get yourself prepped, ramping up your job hunting, and getting yourself in front of employers before the competition beats you there.

The thing with seasonal jobs is that there aren’t qualifications necessary for most vacancies. You’re filling a gap in the services employers need, and it can be an opening to a permanent job, provided you’re the right candidate. Most the positions are going to be in the retail sector, but you’ll also find restaurants, bars and other venues close to theatres and cinemas, will be recruiting when the festive season comes upon them.

They may be too busy now to be thinking that far down the line, but a cover letter from you, could be swaying factor to get your foot in the door.

Why would it benefit you to get in early?

Forward thinking

The ability to predict future demands, displays a certain business quality to employers. The ability to predict future business growth, then act on your instincts, and put your CV with a covering letting into the organisation is a desirable quality.

Most employers would rather have a forward thinker on a bank of staff, available for future vacancies. Those could be permanent or temporary, and it will save small businesses a fair amount in terms of the cost of recruitment.

On your letter, be sure to emphasize on the main business points, as well as the experience, and transferrable skills you can bring to their organisation. Customer services will be one area you’ll need to be good at, as the festive season brings people out to the shops, taking trips to pantomimes, and dining for Christmas dinners.

For clubs, there will also be opportunities for PR consultants, who can help promote the business, by handing out flyers and money off coupons. That’s potential for others who work in the print industry to increase their profits too, so even diversifying into offering a printing company near you your administrative support…could be the opening for you.

The more employers you put your CV into, the more opportunities you have. Nobody gets anywhere job hunting, by minimizing the employers they feel they could work with. You have to go broad when you’re out of work.

Sometimes that can mean challenging yourself. You may have heard the saying before that it’s easier to find work when you’re in work. This is your chance to capitalise on that opportunity.

Setting yourself up for success in the New Year

As far away as it is, think back to last New Year. It doesn’t seem all that long ago, yet it’s nearly half the year gone already.

Do you want to be job hunting, seeing the year out? Probably not

This is why you should get your forward thinking cap on, and put yourself out there. When you’re in employment, you’ll find it easier to network with others you’re working with. Some of those people will know people, who know people.

The word gets around about jobs, and that’s why people find work when they’re in work. Not to mention the mere fact that employers know you’re employable as you’ll already be in work.

Let’s talk references

References do more for an employer than tell them you’re a good worker. The date the reference is signed is also a factor. Just because someone operated a switchboard in 1997, doesn’t demonstrate they maintain the same skills today.

Technology is different which is why a current reference is more valuable to get you back into employment. The seasonal jobs are the opening for long term unemployed to get back on the job, starting small and then pursuing in their choice of career from there. With the retirement age increasing, people have increased opportunities to get into the job they aspire to reach.

It all starts with just the one job. That first job puts you back into the job market, and from there, you can find it easier to progress into other avenues of employment you want to venture into.

Think of the businesses around you that will increased consumer demand as the festive season approaches. That’s the places to target for employment opportunities. Target the businesses before they target your competitors.

The minute a job goes advertised, there will be hundreds of applicants. You have the capacity to snatch up a vacancy before it is advertised, just by being pro-active, forward thinking, and making the strategic move to put yourself forward, for future job opportunities.