The Advantages of Visiting Career Fairs

Career FairsNo matter where in the country you live, you won’t be too far from at least one career fair going on in the near future. Career fairs are a great way to broaden your horizons if you are looking for work or considering changing careers. If you’re not convinced, here are some advantages of attending such fairs. You might be surprised at how useful they can be.

You get to meet a whole range of people from all kinds of businesses

Career fairs provide hundreds of opportunities to meet people. You may be tired and talked out by the end of it, but just one day spent at one of these fairs can be extremely well spent.

Remember these career fairs have lots of job opportunities available for you to consider. While you may not necessarily go from stall to stall and speak to everyone, you do have a chance to speak to those people who are most important to you.

You may see an opportunity you would never have thought of otherwise

It makes sense to find out about the job fair in advance of attending. Who will be there? How many stalls do you want to make the effort to attend? Be ready by taking copies of your CV and some business cards too.

Look like you meant to attend rather than just wandering in off the street. But even with preparation your eye may be drawn in by another stall and another employer on the day.

Something may just catch your eye that hadn’t done so before. If you hadn’t bothered to attend you wouldn’t have put yourself in the position of noticing that additional opportunity.

You can make a good impression from day one

If you are reliant on your CV to tell prospective employers how good an employee you would be, you’re relying too heavily on that piece of paper. At a career fair you can attend in person, looking smart and presentable.

You can show employers who you are, how much stock you take in your appearance and demeanour and let them know just how employable you are. This is one of the reasons employers find job fairs to be a fruitful place to go from their side of the coin too. They can see people rather than just reading about them.

Prospective employees have a chance to actually see who you are and what you’re like on the spot. If you can impress them you’ll vastly increase your chances of employment. As you can see, career fairs aren’t just a roomful of employers accepting CVs and giving out leaflets about their business. They’re an ideal chance to connect with people, find out more about particular businesses and show them what you’re made of.

In fact if you see one or more of these fairs going on in your neighbourhood you’d be wise to attend.

Missing out could be a major mistake if you are assessing different career opportunities and looking for work.