The Pros and Cons of Private and Public Sector Jobs

The Pros and Cons of Private and Public Sector JobsThere are many points to consider when it comes to finding your ideal job. One thing to think about concerns the idea of working in the public or private sector. Which is best? What are the pros and cons of each area? Let’s find out more here.

Is it easier to get a job in the private sector than the public sector?

It can be. Private sector jobs tend to be snapped up ‘in house’ more often than not, meaning that once you’re in you stand a better chance of advancing your career. But that means you have to get your foot in the door and that can be difficult. Try getting work through an agency with public sector contacts or asking around to see if anyone has a connection.

Does the public sector offer more job security?

There was a time when working in the public sector meant you could always rely on having a job. Recent years have made this less likely, but you may still be safer in the public sector than the private one. Careers have changed though, with many workers on annual contracts (or temporary ones) now instead of ongoing ones.

What about the money?

The salary is the reason that many people cite public sector work to be more appealing than private sector work. However while this is true in some situations it isn’t correct across the board. A lot depends on where you are on the career ladder and which job you are in. Traditionally speaking, the higher up the ladder you go the more chance there is you would be paid more in the private sector.

Job perks in the private and public sector

A typical job is not just rewarded with a salary. You are also likely to receive a number of job perks regardless of which sector you work in. These tend to be better in the public sector; some private sector jobs may not offer any perks at all, while others offer fewer benefits than public sector jobs. So when you are weighing up the financial benefits of one sector against the other, you should bear these additional perks in mind as well.

It may also depend on how well qualified you are

Traditionally public sector workers will receive more remuneration for their efforts than private sector workers. However the picture tends to change when you add a degree into the mix. If you have a degree you are more likely to be able to earn more when you seek employment in the private sector.

So you see there are pros and cons to working in each sector. A lot will depend on the type of work you want to do, what you are interested in and where your skills and qualifications lie. Certainly things have changed in comparison to a few years ago, but there are still possibilities and opportunities in each sector for the right people.