The Three Things Every Successful Business Person Does

The Three Things Every Successful Business Person DoesIf you have decided you want to head down the self-employed or business route in 2014, you have chosen a great year to do so. Industries across the UK are starting to are flourish again, which means now is a fantastic time to make an investment. Before you plough ahead, it is worth understanding the habits of successful business people.

Take a Realistic and Proactive Approach

When you start your own business, it is hard to see everyday tasks with an open mind. Each day, consider what your ‘Circle of Influence’ is. In basic terms, your Circle of Influence includes the events, tasks, and processes you can do something about.

If something is outside of your Circle of Influence, there is no point wasting time trying to address it when you could focus your energies on a task you can address.

As well as being realistic and proactive, you need to focus your energies positively. There will be times when your business becomes frustrating. Maybe there will be a customer you cannot keep happy or an investor who doesn’t agree with you.

Accept the differences in life and feel happy that you can change other aspects of your business operations instead.

Schedule Your Priorities, Don’t Prioritise Your Schedule

We all have tasks that we need to do on a daily basis.

Rather than making completing them a priority, create a schedule that focuses on your priorities. Sound confusing? It is, until you get into practice a little. The best way to approach this mind-set is to consider the art of time blocking.

Time blocking involves spending the first few hours of your day on those tasks that will make sure everything else in your business runs smoothly. After this, dedicate time to your tasks accordingly. During this process, you may find that there are tasks you want to complete, but don’t have time to finish. When this happens, learn how to delegate rather than stressing over them.

Develop Win/Win Situations

The business world is competitive. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot approach it with win/win situations in mind. When going about your day-to-day tasks, think about how they will be mutually beneficial for you, your partners, and your employees.

Take the same approach to interactions with customers; produce deals that benefit you, as well as them.

Striking the right balance is difficult at first, and it is often the case that you cannot develop a balance that is entirely 50:50. However, so long as there are no losers in your entrepreneurial process, you are approaching your win/win situation development in the right way.

As a business person, you always need to remember not to suffer from myopia. This means removing your blinkers, seeing situations with an open mind, and never moving forward on assumptions alone.