The Top 20 Careers You Should Consider for 2014

Top 20 Careers 2014Going into 2014, it’s no secret and there’s no doubt that it’s one tough economy.

It’s not unbreakable though, and you can still make a significant impact on your career, when you know exactly where to focus your efforts on. 2014 is the year to focus on private sector jobs.

With government cuts across the board, public sector recruitment is seeing drastic cuts, while the private sector is ramping up the employment rates across a diverse range of industries, continually pushing to helping to sustain a balanced economy. With that in mind, the best of the private sector jobs are listed below.

1) Engineering Jobs

Engineering has long been a top career but right now, there’s one industry in particular where opportunities are rife. That’s the oil and gas industry. Alternative energy provides the solution to a sustainable career, focusing on engineering the energy plants that’ll fuel the power needs of the nation for a brighter tomorrow.

2) Financial Advisor

The aftermath of a dramatic recession can actually be used for your own benefit. We’ve all seen how uncertain the financial market can be, and now for anyone with savings, they’re looking for the utmost professional advice to protect their assets while minimizing risk.

It used to be that accountancy was the top financial profession to be in, but in today’s era, people want their advice independent, and it’s not all focused on the business aspect of finance.

Everything from corporation tax, to investment tax, and advice on the best dividends, or investment plans for future financial protection is what people want. This is putting a growing demand on the need for Independent Financial Advisors, without the connections to corporations.

3) Human Resources

No business can operate without the right personnel. For a career when you’re at the centre, playing a key role in meeting the best staffing requirements to ensure the success, future and growth of every organisation you work with, HR is the job to give you that responsibility.

It’s a job for someone with people skills, but also being able to determine the best and worst qualities in every application coming through. With every job advert being place, businesses are seeing an increase tenfold in the applications received. That’s raising the work required to fill job vacancies and in turn, a rise in HR personnel is being seen.

Get started in this profession, exceed your expectations and raise the bar high enough, and you could prosper into the HR management profession, and even leapfrog into the head-hunting business if you really have a knack for recruitment.

4) Legal work

No matter whether you’re passing a bar exam to become a lawyer, or studying to become a legal secretary, you’ll find that there’s an employment rise in this sector. With more people moving away from corporate solicitors to independent legal advisors, there’s more practices now, leading to more jobs in the legal profession.

5) Home care workers

Home Care Worker Jobs 2014Perhaps not the best of paying jobs, but for job satisfaction this profession could top the charts. With an ageing population, there’s a growing need for elderly care, and one that’s done with professional expertise.

Training is on the increase, awareness of proper care requirements are being raised, and more organisations are seeing funding to secure more home care provision services. Catering to personal hygiene needs of the disadvantaged, to housekeeping and meal preparation, you’ll never tire of the same old in this particular job.

What’s more is that the training is often vocational, giving you the advantage of a fast track start to a new career, with on-the-job training provided, and often no experience necessary.

6) Dietitian

The medical field is a great career for the long-term, with plenty of people studying for nursing, midwifery and other popular careers in the field.

Successful careers are built around supply versus demand, and right now there’s high demand for top nutrition information with a shortage of qualified personnel to deliver a custom and personalised service to patients. After most health diagnosis’s are made, such as diabetes, kidney stones or any other serious health concern, patients need to be advised on safe foods, for optimum health.

Opportunities are available outside of the NHS, by working with charitable organisation, teaching, within businesses, or in a research capacity within the food industry.

7) Retail Assistant

The retail sector has took a blow in recent times, due to the surge in online shopping. However, there are still plenty of jobs, with career opportunities to be had on the highstreet. Smaller retail outlets require top notch staff who excel in customer services, while retail giants employ by the masses via recruitment drives.

Seasonal jobs are the best time to get started. Put the effort in, best foot forward, and impress your bosses, to supersede even your own expectations and you can go far. Supermarkets are you best place to target your job search towards, as regardless how much online shopping rises, there’s always going to be a need for local groceries.

8) Tattooist

Tatooist Jobs 2014This is a career with potential yet goes unnoticed by many. One of the main reasons will be a lack of training in traditional colleges, where it’s currently unavailable.

The only way to become a tattooist is through an apprenticeship with someone already registered, and approval from the local council to practice, due to health and safety legislation. The amount of cash being spent on body cosmetics is on the increase, and so too has garden shed tattooists risen.

With more people doing their due diligence to protect their skin from infection and other contamination, alongside awareness campaigns on illegal tattoo parlours… registered tattooists are seeing an increase in the amount of clients seeking out their professional services.

For those with an eye for design, and good with their hands, you could find a fun and rewarding career, working in a tattoo parlour. Opportunity exists to operate independently working self-employed too.

9) Physical Therapist

Mobility is not only an issue for the elderly, as it affects people suffering with obesity too.

To keep people mobile for longer, the assistance of a physical therapist is required. Even the healthiest of people may need to call on the services too, for recovery assistance after an accident.

There’s also scope to specialise in the sports sector where recovery needs to be speedy and safe, and that can yield higher salaries too, or provide improved job satisfaction for those who like to work in the fitness sector.

10) Network Engineers

As more businesses utilise the latest technology to run their operations more efficiently, IT services, and entire departments have been incorporated into many a business.

As the IT sector declines in job opportunities, the need for highly skilled network engineers/administrators is on the rise. Any business with a computer network, will then need to focus on keeping that network secure, and up to date with the latest technology to maintain and improve efficiency.

While vacancies are still high in the IT sector, those with specialist IT skills, able to maintain, upgrade and monitor network performance, will see a higher amount of job opportunities, with prospects for career advancement.

11) Dental Hygienist

Dental HygienistFrom infants to the elder years, dentists are the people to check our teeth and carry out routine dental care procedures. However, preventative measures are always best and that’s what you would do as a dental hygienist.

Prevent dental problems by advising patients on the best course of treatment to prevent plaque build up and any associated gum disease issues and which course of action is best. Before the need for dental procedures arise.

Opportunities exist within both the public and private sector, however with a working population, more private practices are adopting to offer out of normal hour services, creating opportunities for shift work, and weekend work for those who can’t attend during normal working hours.

12) Therapists

With the amount of depression cases on the rise, more doctors are advising patients to take up some form of therapy, instead of prescribing anti-depressant medication. As often advised… it’s best to speak about your problems, rather than let them build up to a point where it seems impossible to deal with issues.

Therapists are the people to offer talk therapy sessions to assist in aspects of mental health.

Asides from mental health though, there are opportunities in different sectors, such as drug counselling, family counselling, as well as marriage counselling for which it is possible to specialise, in any form of therapy.

13) Pathologist

While there’s disease and death, there’s a career in pathology. Everything from crime scene forensics, performing an autopsy on people who have died suddenly, all the way to exhuming a corpse when suspicion around the cause of death arises…a pathologist will be required to perform such specialised roles.

It’s worth noting that whilst the broader spectrum of pathology will remain to be a specialised career worth pursuing, there are other fields within the sector, which include:

• Chemical pathology • Haematology • Histopathology • Microbiology • Virology

All fields within the pathology category are high paying and for the right individual, a job with a high degree of job satisfaction, which will continue to be a much needed job role, providing job security.

14) Pharmacist

Pharmacist Jobs 2014Whether you’re working in a local pharmacy or a hospital setting, the work of a pharmacist is pivotal to the health care of patients. There are opportunities both within local pharmacies, hospital clinics, as well as within nursing homes, and even the prison service, where the expertise in medicine is essential.

As the work load increases for GP’s, more responsibilities are being passed to pharmacists to prescribe general medications, and advice on over the counter medications, to reduce the work load of doctors, increasing the efficiency of medical practices. While it does take 5 years to break into the profession, it’s a career that’s guaranteed to be in demand, right through to retirement age.

15) Beauty Therapists (Esthetician)

Luxury spa resorts, salons and beauty parlours are on the increase. While some clients will have some form of skin care treatment performed as a lifestyle choice, there are other aspects of the field which are more serious.

Treating skin conditions such as Acne, and Eczema, by providing nutritional advice for optimum skin revitalisation, is the work of a beauty therapist, sometimes referred to as a Esthetician.

16) Fitness Instructor

There’s a vast amount of opportunities in the fitness field, for a variety of positions. Some are part-time, some full-time, others are self-employed in a multitude of capacities. You could be running group fitness classes within a large gym complex, or operating independently travelling to peoples homes, or working personally with clients.

Besides instructing on fitness programs, and techniques to achieve the target objective of your clients, there’s also scope to improve revenue through supporting goals, with additional health supplements and earning a commission per sale, dependent on the employer.

17) Travel Agent

Everyone needs to wind down on occasion, and that’s when people turn to a travel agent for advice on holiday destinations, appropriate insurances, travel arrangements, car rental, along with everything else that makes for the perfect break.

It’s not always about arranging the perfect relaxation break though, as people have different ideas for what makes a perfect holiday. Some want relaxation, others want adventure, while families need diversity. It’s the job of the travel agent to ensure the advice, plans, and preparation steps all make for the perfect break for whatever the customer requires.

Summer is the busy time, but with seasonal holidays such as Valentines day, and long weekend breaks, there’s opportunity for travel agents throughout the year.

18) Hairdressing

Whether you’re specialising in celebrity like hairstyle makeovers, or providing a barber service to gents, there’s always going to be a need for a hairdresser. Traditional hairdressing is the popular choice, however, there is a growing need for mobile hairdressers to travel to hospitals, and long term care facilities, catering to the needs of customers who can’t attend a hairdressing studio.

19) Housekeeping

House Keeping Jobs 2014Housekeeping is becoming increasing popular for those with a hectic lifestyle. Even housekeeping franchises are available to cater to consumer demand, however, it’s not all private clientèle that lets you break into this career. Housing associations require the housekeeping services to clean out homes of the deceased, as well as those who are evicted. In some areas that’s full-time work in itself.

20) Domestic Energy Assessor

With the ever increasing price of utility bills, stretching household budgets to the max, there’s a growing need for the services of a DEA. Some jobs will see you going door to door, advising people on the most cost effective way to reduce their energy bills.

Other areas can see you working with property developers to advise on the most cost efficient energy systems, as well as ensuring any systems are economical to operate, and generate the least amount of carbon emissions possible. To ensure a greener future, the services of a Domestic Energy Assessor is vital for both purposes of reducing the carbon footprint, while minimizing the cost of heating to consumers.