Using LinkedIn to Find Jobs in the New Year

Most people are now familiar with the idea of finding job opportunities on social media sites. But if you are thinking about using Facebook and Twitter to try and find work, think again – LinkedIn is the place to be. This is a website for professionals so if you already have work experience it can be one of the best places online today to find connections.


Get a basic account

There is no need to pay for access unless you feel it is worth it. A basic account will provide you with lots of possibilities and features to be getting on with.

Start filling in your profile

You’ll notice you can add a strap line underneath your name. Make the most of it – don’t limit yourself to just one or two words. Make it sound positive and avoid being a jack of all trades!

Fill in your background summary

The best way to do this is to divide it up into points so it is easy to read. You can edit this at any time so make a start on it to ensure your background doesn’t appear empty whenever anyone looks at it, and then edit later. Be sure to add some specialities in here too. It can help to distinguish you from the crowd if you are able to stand out in certain ways.

List your previous and existing jobs

This works regardless of whether you are employed or self employed. It’s a bit like an online CV so make the most of it and be as descriptive as you can. Start with the most recent work first and then go back from there.

Add some connections to your account

This is where you can really start to unlock the power of LinkedIn. At first you will only be able to add people you know, so start by looking for people you know to see whether they have a LinkedIn account. You can do this by checking with your current email addresses to quickly check which contacts have an account.

Ask for some recommendations

It really helps to boost your account if you have some recommendations to show people. Once you’re a member of LinkedIn your profile is there for everyone to see. If you get any recommendations they will appear on your profile and if anyone is considering getting in touch with you or hiring you in any capacity, they can act as references to boost your chances.

As you can see there is plenty to get your teeth into when you join LinkedIn – and that’s without joining any groups you have an interest in. It is definitely worth thinking about getting involved in LinkedIn on a daily basis, because it could really enhance the opportunities you have to find new work for the New Year. And even if you’re lucky enough to be in a job you love, it doesn’t hurt to start making connections for the future, does it?