Video: How to Get Fired

Losing Your Patience

Technology is set to try us. Some of us do okay with it and know to turn to the tech support when something goes wrong. Take this example of when the printer gives you nothing more than smudged black ink. Sure…Control P will let you print your screen on command, but when it doesn’t go right, definitely go to tech support.

Don’t try the alternative to printing and attempt to photocopy your screen. Sure, this may be a viral marketing campaign, but the point it makes is a serious one – Office equipment is expensive. Work with it when it works and call on IT people to fix equipment when things don’t’ wrong.

Performing Stunts on Work Time and with Work Property

One sure fire way out the door is to take your stunts to the extreme, at the expense of the company. As you can see, this is a canteen worker using plastic trays to board the rails in the canteen. An expense to the company for broken equipment.

Combine that with smoking in a place of eating, and you’re heading straight for the unemployment line. What may be fun at the time, can have disastrous consequences when a supervisor realises the shenanigans going on in the work place.

Not Paying Attention

When you need to use focus in a job that needs safety awareness, be sure and take that responsibility seriously. In this video, as much as it’s probably been edited, it is a possibility to some extent. Forklift drivers work within inches of huge towers of storage shelves. One wrong turn would see boxes, and stock inventory come crashing down. Fortunately, warehouse infrastructures are built with safety in mind, so it’s unlikely a small dunt would bring the entire shelving system down, but it would likely end with some amount of stock damage.  For forklift drivers and other jobs requiring focus for safety in the workplace, some days it may be best to call in sick. Lose your focus and you could lose your job.

Another Example of Using Work Equipment Inappropriately

For the adventurous types of people, there’s fun at work and being sensible about the fun you have. This video shows an awesome stunt for blood rushing thrills. Don’t be tempted into using machines for your own adventures though. Especially in construction as it’s surrounded with danger.

Even without a safety officer around, post this on YouTube, to be seen by a safety inspector, and you’ll no doubt find yourself in breach of health and safety regulations, with no access to machinery to have fun at work again. Think before you act on your adventurous instincts

Don’t Bad Mouth Your Boss (at least not on camera while inebriated)..

P.S.  He’s behind you..

Know your limitations. Most jobs will have work nights out. Some could be for a Christmas staff night out in the town, whereas others, in this case, it’s an office party thrown by the boss. Appreciate the invite, and despite what you may think about your employer, they’re going to be around. You don’t have to be complimentary but you certainly have to conduct yourself appropriately.

Limit your alcohol consumption at office parties is the lesson learned in this video. Not only that, but even if the alcohol isn’t flowing, you could be badmouthing your boss within hearing distance of one of their close personal friends. In this case, the boss overheard the insults and it’s going to ruin their event.

Not something that’s going to be appreciated after the effort of organising and/or spending funds on the event. Appreciate the invites to work events, and don’t insult your employer publicly.

Don’t Steal

Here’s something never to do in any job. Theft. Not only is it going to lead to an instant firing, but it’s also illegal and will result in a criminal prosecution. Many a business, especially in retail, lose revenue to theft.

It’s worse when that theft is carried out by someone a company trusted to bring into their organisation. In this video, the employee was caught on a residential security camera. A delivery service employee helping himself to an iPad mini. A gift for a customer’s daughter. A selfish act that lead to instant dismissal, prosecution and a criminal record hindering future employment. If you’re sick of your job, don’t like the people you’re working with, or experiencing financial problems, then your best bet is to look for a new job. It’s easier to find work when you’re in work. Use that to your advantage, and don’t go down the firing route out of a job. Use your job as a gateway to another position. As troubling as your work can be, there’s always ways to get into a new job without giving your boss and excuse to fire you. Have fun in the workplace, but know when to draw the line! All the examples above are how to get fired from your position. Take heed of them and make sure you don’t fall prey to any similar situations. Conduct yourself professionally and you won’t have to worry about losing your job.