Wakefield set to Benefit from 5’000 Construction Jobs

Wakefield set to Benefit from 5’000 Construction Jobs Miller Homes is set to put their planning application to Wakefield Council in August, proposing plans for 500 new homes in Wakefield. This will mark the first phase of a major regeneration program. In essence, the project will create an entire new neighbourhood to the Wakefield community.

Proposal plans for the complete project will go beyond the first 500 new homes, to include:

·       As many as 2’500 new homes

·       Office buildings

·       Local shops

·       Industrial units for businesses

·       A school

·       A community centre

·       With a waterside park included

If approved, construction could begin as early as next year. The first phase of the regeneration program is to get 500 homes planning approval first.

Another project to be submitted for planning approval is the construction of a new bypass, to help manage the congestion around the Wakefield area. That’s part of a separate application, in a deal estimated to be worth £38 million.

Should Wakefield council approve the proposed development plans, it will mark the beginning of the Wakefield East Urban Extension project, which could take as long as 20 years to see the project reach completion.

The Aberford Road area will be phase 1 of the project, where the initial 500 homes will be built. From there, further construction will take place along the canal area, which runs through Eastmoor. It will also stretch past an old power station, situated off Doncaster Road, which forms part of the old Parkhill Colliery site. 

Part of the regeneration will also include improved transport links around the town, with additional cycle routes too.

The project plans has been developed by Spawforths consultancy, in partnership with Miller Homes, along with Stretton Estates, and Grantley Developments.

The jobs breakdown to get the project underway

Subject to planning approval, a number of jobs will be created. Many of which will be to the local trades people.

·       Construction workers

·       Builders

·       Architects

·       Surveyors

·       Plumbers

·       Joiners

Anyone who can assist with the construction developments will be able to take advantage of the increased construction projects. That’s just in the new homes project.

The separate relief road project will see an increase in the road works sector too.

Once the Wakefield East Urban Extension project gets underway, it’s expected to create a total of 3’700 temporary contracted construction jobs.

In addition to those jobs, there will be an additional 1’658 long-term jobs, sparring the course of the 20-year development project.

The Three Major Issues the Project Hope to Address in Wakefield

1.     Housing shortages

2.     Employment

3.     Traffic congestion

Housing shortages are among a top priority for many communities, and it’s not limited to Wakefield Council. It’s one of the reasons for the abolition of buying council homes. Instead, investment is needed to build new homes, with affordability to attract first-time homebuyers.

That’s what the first phase of the project will be delivering.

The second phase will span two areas to address employment in the area. There will be further developments as the regeneration project unfolds. That will extend into creating local shops, a school, community centre, office buildings, and industrial units.

All part of sustainable growth to encourage new business in the area, and provide a community environment with all the services you’d expect in a thriving community.

The third issue relates the traffic congestion problem around the city of Wakefield. That’s where the relief road project will form part of the Wakefield East Urban Extension.

It’s a time of change for Wakefield, with a huge upcoming jobs boost to the area. A thriving time for local trades people to take advantage of the long-term employment opportunities on the horizon.