What are job prospects like for 2012?

What are job prospects like for 2012?Are you looking for a new job in 2012? Many people see the New Year as a time to take a fresh look at their lives. They may consider whether to move up the career ladder, change jobs entirely or perhaps even move from part time to full time or vice versa.

But in recent times the job market has been particularly challenging. The recent recession is still having an impact on the job market, and the threat of a double dip recession is not helping matters. So what are job prospects like for the year ahead?

More optimism in some job markets than in 2011

While some markets are still facing an uncertain future, such as retail for example, others are doing better.

Recent news items online have reported that engineers are facing a brighter future now than they were this time last year. It has also been said that job prospects are looking uncertain for the early part of the year, but they should improve after this. However this does not mean you shouldn’t make an effort to improve your own situation now.

Focus on YOUR prospects, not those of other people

If you read the papers and keep up with the news, you might think there is no point even looking for a job. Unemployment may be high at the moment but not everyone who looks for a job comes away empty handed.

Consider your own prospects for the year ahead. What do you have to offer?

Could you retrain for a new career?

Could you transfer the skills you have now into another career to successfully make advances there instead?

If you focus on the negatives you will never get ahead. It may take time to find work but there are still job prospects out there – you just have to persevere in finding them.

Is it who you know that matters?

Remember that everyone will be looking in the most obvious places for new job prospects. For example they will be scanning the wanted ads, looking for job vacancies in stores and on company websites, and also in their local papers.

While any one of these methods can produce a new job for you in the New Year, you should make sure you try other methods as well. For example give your CV an overhaul to update it. Tailor it to appeal to each individual company you contact.

Don’t wait for vacancies to become public – take a chance and ask about any potential openings anyway. You should also ask around and make it known you are looking for work, either in a particular field or in general. This can help to increase your chances of finding new work in 2012.

So while it is useful to find out about job prospects in general for 2012, it is more useful to focus on the area of work you are interested in. Focus on your own skills and talents too, and you will stand a better chance of making 2012 a successful year.