Would You Go to Facebook to Find a Job?

Would You Go to Facebook to Find a Job?Looking for job opportunities via social media sites is not unusual.

Many people are already using sites such as LinkedIn to help them find work and opportunities they would never find otherwise. And now Facebook looks to be getting in on the action in a way that has never happened before.

The new Facebook job app is designed to connect people looking for work with potential employers, on a platform that has never really been used in this way before. So could this put Facebook back in peoples’ good books, and give members an opportunity to find a job they wouldn’t have known about otherwise?

It is very early days yet for the Facebook job app, but it has certainly garnered a lot of press coverage thus far. The idea of using the internet – and more specifically social media sites – to find work is not an unusual one today, even though it was in the past.

To some people, the idea of using the biggest social networking site to assist in their job search might make a lot of sense. But how many people will actually find work in this way?

Perhaps the biggest reason for taking a look at the new app is not to use it, but to become more aware of the job opportunities you can get if you look online for them. There have been worries that Facebook could end up eclipsing LinkedIn when it comes to advertising jobs for sale, but perhaps this isn’t the biggest issue.

We would hope that it would encourage more people to use various means of finding jobs online, in order to ensure they have the best chance of getting the work they really want. Certainly, finding work online is becoming more and more popular – and it definitely makes life easier too. You can register with various job sites and have them email you when something suitable becomes available.

If you are already a member of Facebook it might be worth checking to see whether there is anything suitable to apply for when you visit the site on a regular basis. If you get into the habit of doing this it might just pay dividends.

A quick glance at the Facebook app page revealed more than 1.5 million jobs available to apply for in recent days. While they won’t all be suitable for you, you can be sure there will be some worth applying for. There may be fewer jobs to go around at present, but if you go online and check out sites such as Facebook, you may find more opportunities than you would otherwise.

So all in all this new move by Facebook could be a good thing for the site, and for those members who are looking for jobs in particular. If it goes well we may even see other social media sites doing something similar, making it even easier to find a wider range of jobs to apply for.