Careers in IT

Careers in IT are among the most secure and promising ones you could choose from in today’s job market. The information technology field focuses on computing and networking and as such there are all kinds of different job positions you could apply for.

Careers in IT

What kinds of IT careers are there to choose from?

There are all kinds of job positions you can choose from within the industry as a whole. You may be interested in becoming a programmer, coming up with new ideas and software programs to help in various industries and sectors.

Alternatively a position as a systems analyst might appeal more if you have a natural interest in business and you want to find and build solutions for various business situations.

Another position that may interest you is that of a support analyst. In this case you would be the ‘go to’ person when people working on computers in a particular company experience problems. You would be the trouble shooter who resolves the problems and gets the computer working again.

There are many other positions worth considering as well, including web developers, technical consultants and software engineers.

What skills are required to start a career in the IT industry?

To be honest it all depends on the specific career path you choose to take. Y

ou may be better at identifying and resolving problems than you are at creating new software programs. In this case you would be better suited to providing technical support.

Alternatively you may be good at looking at a business situation and identifying the needs and requirements that need to be tackled by creating the ideal IT solution for that business. A technical consultant or systems analyst might suit you better in this situation.

Once you have identified your skills and abilities you can then move on to ensure you take the right IT course for the career path you want to choose.

Can you take on a career in IT as an employed worker or a freelancer?

The good news is that you can do either, depending on your needs and goals. Some IT workers start off in employed positions and then decide to go freelance later on, setting up their own IT companies in the process. Alternatively you may wish to work as an IT consultant, which is generally a freelance position as well. This enables you to help various businesses find the best IT solutions for their needs, and it may work well for you if you like variety in your daily work.

IT workers can be found in all kinds of different industries

While IT work is an industry in itself, you will find people with IT skills and job titles in all kinds of industries.

You may find work in IT within the NHS, in an accounting firm, in a major store or in any number of other areas. This means you can choose to work in an industry you feel you have a particular affinity with, as well as making the most of your IT skills. It is also worth noting that if you work within a smaller company you may tackle a bigger variety of IT jobs every single day, rather than taking on one very specific role within a bigger company. However if you work for a large company that has offices abroad, there may eventually be opportunities for secondments to work in other locations and countries.

As you can see, careers in IT can lead you to all kinds of interesting places.