Careers in Law

There are many different careers in law.  Obviously we are all aware of the role of barristers and solicitors, but there are many other careers available in law.  There are legal secretaries, paralegals, legal executives and then all types of forensic jobs. 

Forensic is pertaining to the law so you could even be a forensic accountant!  You could be a judge or even progress to be a Law Lord. 

There really are so many different roles that it is impossible to pigeon-hole law careers. They sare simply so varied.

Careers in Law

Career Options For Law Degree Students:

If you have a law degree then the careers in law that are open to you are vast.  You could work as a solicitor or lawyer, in a defence role or for the Crown Prosecution Service.  You could work as a solicitor who deals with family law, with divorce, with property, you can even specialise in commercial disputes.  If you wish, you could also train as a barrister and from there who knows where your career will take you.

Career Options For Non- Law Degree Students:

Even if you aren’t studying law, there are still lots of different careers in law that can be open to you.  For example you can do a conversion course, but which would enable you to start training to be a solicitor or a barrister.  Competition can be tough to secure a place on a conversion course and you would still need to secure a pupillage, but a conversion course can certainly help to enhance your career options if you didn’t study law.

Careers in Law – Become a Paralegal:

You can become a paralegal which is are all very similar to being a solicitor, but you do not need to have a specific law degree in order to become a paralegal.  There are courses that you can undertake to become a paralegal and these will ensure that your chances of being employed are raised considerably.  You may hear the term the legal assistant, but in effect this is the same job as being a paralegal.  The two roles are actually the same, there is no difference but paralegal is a term that it is commonly used throughout the UK now.

Careers in Law – Become a Legal Secretary:

If you still like the idea of a career in law but you don’t want to study for your law degree, do a conversion course or undertake paralegal training then you can still find careers in law; you could become a legal secretary.  This is a role that is about more than being a secretary, but you do not have the full responsibility of being a solicitor.  You will need to do is specific course but once you have done your training as a legal secretary then there are lots of different jobs open to you!