Careers in the Police

If you decide to become a police officer you can be fairly sure that you will never have two days that are exactly the same. In truth you never quite know what you will experience next. But while this would make some people run in the opposite direction, other people are eager to start by choosing one of the many careers in the police that are available.

Careers in the Police

Enter the police force as a police constable

This is the basic entry level rank for everyone who successfully applies for the police and passes all the training required to become a police officer. From then on you can gain experience and move through the ranks if you want to. You can also go into other divisions and work with dogs or perhaps even become a detective. There are all kinds of opportunities available.

Community support officers

Some people think that this role is an unpaid one, but this is not the case. It is in fact a full time job and can be a good way to progress to a great career. You will still get involved in all kinds of situations, although you will not be on a par with a police officer in terms of what you can do. However it is a very fulfilling position and is more flexible when it comes to the entry requirements.

Volunteer to get some valuable experience before you apply for a full time role

You may have heard of special constables and the role they play in the community. We’ve all heard of volunteering but this role is completely different from any other voluntary position you could take up. This could be ideal to show willing if you are considering becoming either a police officer or a community support officer. It will also give you a valuable grounding in the police force for any other careers in the police you may be considering.

Join as a cadet if you are under 18

Eighteen is the lower age limit for applications to become a police officer. However if you have reached the age of sixteen you can apply to join as a cadet. This is an excellent way to get valuable experience and to see whether you really would like to explore careers in the police when you are old enough to do so.

Which force would be right for you?

Every area of the country has its own police force. It makes sense that you would want to join your local area’s force. However if you live on the border between two areas you may be able to choose between them. There are many other roles within the police as well. Not everyone is in uniform and out on the streets. You may be able to get a position as one of the many support staff working in admin roles for instance. Occupational health and welfare, custody nurses and other diverse roles may also be available to the right person with the right experience.

In short, the more you know about the wide range of careers in the police, the easier it will be to find the job that suits you the most.