Chef Manager Jobs

The role of a chef manager is a varied one. A chef manager is usually responsible for keeping the kitchen running smoothly. The tasks of a chef manager may include menu planning, staff management, ordering, stock keeping, health and safety, financial planning and more.

The chef manager may more commonly be called the Head Chef, Executive Chef or Chef de Cuisine.

No matter what the job title the overall premise is the same: the chef manager is in overall charge of a restaurant kitchen or sometimes several restaurants.

Chef Manager Jobs

What can a Chef Manager earn?

The potential earnings of a chef manager vary depending upon the size of an establishment and also the location. Chef manager salaries range from £15k to in excess of £60k per annum. The more previous experience you have the higher chance you will have of attaining a top salary.

What skills do I need to get Chef Manager Jobs?

To become a chef manager you will need to have a wide range of skills to cope with the differing aspects of the job.

You will need to be highly motivated, and well organised.

People skills will also come in handy as you may well be in charge of a large number of staff. You will also need to be good with figures as you will be responsible for stock taking and ordering, and maintaining the finances of the kitchen.

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