Chiropodist Courses

Chiropodists are trained to deal with various problems and afflictions that can affect peoples’ feet. This could be anything from advising on how to take care of the feet to removing bunions under anaesthetic.

In order to be able to practise as a chiropodist you must take chiropodist courses. These will give you the professional qualifications you need. They are essential for successfully getting a position as an employed chiropodist or for working in a self employed capacity.

Chiropodist Courses

How long does it take to become a fully qualified chiropodist?

You will need to take a degree course to become a chiropodist. This takes three years to complete and it will be a full time course. This means you cannot fit it in around a full time job.

What kinds of chiropodist courses do you have to take?

As mentioned above the main course to take to become a chiropodist is a degree course. However if you already have a nursing degree you may not have to take the full course. A small number of other degrees can also ease the load when studying to become a chiropodist.

If you already possess a degree, check and see whether it will help you when studying one of the chiropodist courses you will have to pass to enter this field.

Can you specialise in certain sections of chiropody?

Yes, this is a possibility, but you should pass a chiropody course first of all. Once you have gained these basic qualifications and gained some experience you can think about branching out to work in an associated field. For instance a good example in this case would be studying to become a foot surgeon.

In this case you would deal with lots of different conditions of the foot that would require surgery of some kind. These could be due to illness, accident or genetics.

Do chiropodist courses lead to a worthwhile career?

This is probably one of the most important questions people have to ask when they are considering studying for this career path. After all if you are going to devote the next three years of your life to studying for a career in chiropody, you must be sure that you will enjoy the career it will prepare you for.

As a chiropodist you will be able to help people in all walks of life. You will meet all kinds of people and be able to care for their feet and make them more comfortable in many cases. This is particularly true when it comes to caring for the elderly.

Chiropodist courses are the first step towards a rewarding and fulfilling career. If you like meeting people and wish to help them care for their feet in the best possible way, you will definitely enjoy training and qualifying to do so.