Chiropodist Salary

How Much is a Chiropodist Salary Worth?

A chiropodist has a specialised role in the health sector. You may also see a chiropodist called a podiatrist, but both names refer to the same job position. They focus on everything to do with the feet, and treat many people of all ages.

If you are considering taking up a career as a chiropodist, you will probably have many questions that need answering. One of the most common will concern a chiropodist salary.

Chiropodist Salary

How much can a chiropodist expect to earn to begin with?

The typical starting salary for a chiropodist is around £21,000. However there is plenty of opportunity to earn more as you progress through your career. It should be remembered that earnings can be dependent on a number of factors besides experience. Typical examples would be where you are in the country, the types of services you offer and also who your employer is.

Would you earn more money if you became a self employed chiropodist?

Yes it is possible to earn a larger chiropodist salary because you will be able to set your own fees. However you should remember that you will have all the associated costs of setting up your own business as well. This means that it will take longer to make a profit from your business.

However once you do make a profit you have the opportunity to make more money than you would if you were employed by someone else. Is a chiropodist salary worth more with experience? Yes definitely. Some highly experienced chiropodists earn as much as £35,000 per year.

Depending on where you work you may even earn more than this once you have amassed a good deal of experience. Because of the nature of the job, private companies sometimes hire chiropodists, so you will have more opportunities to consider than just working within the NHS.

A good example would be to work within the sporting field. It is also possible to learn some minor surgical skills if you elect to study more courses in chiropody. Some afflictions of the foot will require surgery to correct them, and in some cases these surgeries can be carried out by the chiropodist. If you have this type of skill you can expect to earn a higher chiropodist salary as a result.

Is this the job for you?

If you want to become a chiropodist it is important to have good people skills. You will be meeting lots of different people every day you are at work. You should also be a good listener because you will have to identify symptoms that a patient may be suffering. In this career, you really will be paid to get people back on their feet again