Commis Chef Jobs

Commis chef are the apprentice chef of a kitchen.

As a commis chef you will normally get to learn the functions of each station within the kitchen. The commis chef will wor under the supervision of the chef de partie. More often than not a commis chef is fresh from culinary school.

Culinary college is great for learning the theoretical side of food preparation and will have prepared most students well for their career ahead, however it is not until you enter the cut and thrust world of a fully working busy kitchen that you can hone your skills. This is why most college courses include a “day release” in to a professional kitchen.

Commis Chef Jobs

What do commis chef jobs pay?

Commis chef is a trainee position and as such the salary you can expect reflects this. Most commis chef jobs have a salary in the range of £12k – £18.5k, depending on location and restaurant size. You will find that you may spend several years as a commis chef learning your trade before you can progress to chef de partie and expect higher wages.

What skills do I need to be get commis chef jobs?

There are no formal skills required to be a commis chef. However it is advantageous to have some formal culinary training behind you. You will need a range of personal skills to be a chef. You will have to be a highly motivated and hard working individual who is prepared to put in long hours in a hot and sometimes physically draining environment to learn your trade. You will need to be able to cope well with pressure and also have good communication skills as you will often be working as part of a large team of chefs.

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Now is a great time to become a chef

With an estimated 250,000 chefs currently working in the UK and this number expected to rise in the coming years due to the popularity of eating out now is a great time to consider entering this profession