Courier Guide – A good way to become a courier?

If you are looking for a career change and like the sound of being out on the open road, then a courier job may be of great interest to you. As a courier you will get to spend time out and about and won’t be confined to an office – this can be especially pleasing in the summer months.

There are many courier guides available for those who are interested in a career as a courier, but are they any good and do you need to buy one?

Courier Guide – A good way to become a courier?

Well, before you  buy a courier guide you need to decide on exactly which route you plan to take to reach your goal of earning a good living from being a courier. You have two options available to you firstly you can work for a courier or parcel delivery company as either an employed or self employed courier.

Secondly you could buy your own vehicle and set up your very own courier service.

Work for a Courier Company  – do you need a courier guide book?

If you plan to choose this route you will benefit from having the knowledge that the courier company will provide you with your work. You may be paid a fixed wage or alternatively you may be paid per drop, normally the latter.

Some courier/parcel delivery companies will provide you with a vehicle while others require all their drivers to provide their own vehicles. Although by choosing this option you have the benefit of not having to find your own work you are also going to be more tied down than if you run your own service. For instance you will probably have a set number of deliveries that you must do by a certain time each day. In addition you will be at the mercy of the management when it comes to routes and working patterns.

Working for yourself – do you need a courier guide book?

If you decide to become an independent courier you will enjoy the benefits of total flexibility. You can choose which clients you wish to work with and also can work hours to suit you. You could even potentially work part-time for a courier company when you are not quite as busy as usual. However if you choose this route you will need to find your own clients and build a customer base, which can take time and sometimes be hard in oversaturated areas.

You will also not have anyone to rely on for support or backup, which can be crucial in the early stages of any business. In this case it would be advisable to buy a courier guide of some description so that you can learn from people who have been in the business for a considerable time.  

Even if you are planning to work for a courier company it could be a good investment to buy a courier guide or even attend a courier training course so that you learn the tips and tricks of the trade.