Combined HR & Payroll Diploma

Combined HR & Payroll Diploma

Human Resources (HR) is a vital component of any business. With this combined course, you will not only gain valuable skills that will fast-track your career in this sector but you will also learn the foundations of payroll management. Taken as a whole, this course will equip you with the ability to get the best performance from your company’s employees and ensure that their pay is managed in an efficient manner. The course will benefit those employed in HR and accounting departments, and also those looking to set up or expand their own business. Upon completion of this in-depth course, you will be able to rest assured that you are acting in accordance with UK legislation.

What You Will Learn

This combined course includes the following elements:

  • Level 2 Diploma in Human Resources
  • Payroll Diploma

The HR Diploma

This course teaches you the purpose, value and nature of HR. You will then learn exactly how to get the best possible performance from employees at every stage of their journey from initial recruitment through to promotion and training. This course will allow you to develop all the skills you need to succeed, from interview techniques and welcoming new employees to understanding the nature and purpose of high-level strategic planning.

You will also learn how to deal with problems and grievances which may arise, including workplace bullying and disciplinary procedures. Legislation and best practice are emphasised throughout, for example in relation to the employee recruitment process and drawing up contracts of employment.

The Payroll Diploma

This course begins with the most important information you need in order to appreciate the importance of payroll systems and how they work. You will learn the importance of keeping good records, adequate staff training and ensuring that your processes are in line with the requirements laid down by HMRC. When employees stop or start working for a company certain payroll procedures must be put into place, and this course explains exactly what you need to do in these situations.

You will learn the difference between gross and net pay, how to take into account various types of deductions, how to calculate national insurance contributions and many other essential procedures required in successful payroll management.

The Benefits of Our Complete HR & Payroll Course

This course will give you valuable insight into the most common procedures used by those working in HR and payroll positions. The background provided by this course will enable you to progress in almost any small, medium or large business. You will gain knowledge not only of practical processes, but also how HR and businesses in general benefit from high-level strategic planning.

Further benefits include:

  • Study at home and online
  • Study at your own pace
  • Access to full online support whilst completing the course
  • Easy-to-read modules packed with information
  • No entry requirements
  • A chance to receive an accredited qualification upon completion

If you are looking to advance your career in either HR or payroll, this combined course is an excellent choice as it will give you an excellent foundation in both areas. This will make you an attractive prospect to employers, or give you the confidence to hire and manage your own employees.

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Reviews from our Students

Excellent course. I enjoyed doing this course and I highly recommend it to everybody. Thank you very much. Very helpful online teachers there 24/7 would do another course in a blink of an eye, easy set up and very helpful, now on my way to my career. Happy me.
Diana Dixon – Deal
Diana Dixon – Deal
Brilliant course. As a busy, working mum this course gave a chance to change my career but it also gave me a chance to study in my own free time. Very easy wording, educational videos, important information you can't find online. The brilliant thing is that even after finishing the course you still can go back to your modules and view the videos again.
Monica Carter – Worthing
Monica Carter – Worthing
Amazing course, very easy to do within your own space of time. Very helpful, would highly recommend to anyone and everyone. This has helped me a lot to gain more knowledge and more experience in this field to help me later on in life. The course is user friendly and very straight forward.
Rijul Mehan – Essex
Rijul Mehan – Essex