Driving Instructor Career – Could you be an Instructor ?

A driving instructor career can be immensely rewarding. You will teach lots of different people to learn how to drive so they can pass their driving test.

Every day will bring new experiences and pupils, and it can give you a lot of independence to manage your own business as well.

However there are some skills you will need in order to excel in this career. Read through the following advice to see whether you have got what it takes to be a driving instructor.

Driving Instructor Career - Could you be an Instructor ?

Do you have the patience required for a driving instructor career?

Patience is arguably one of the most important skills you must have when you are a driving instructor. Not only will you need to have extensive driving experience, you will also need to have passed intensive training to become an instructor. Now you need to be patient and supportive when teaching other people how to control a car. If you have a tendency to get impatient this may not be the career for you.

Are you good at interacting with all kinds of different people?

Driving instructors don’t just teach seventeen year olds how to drive. You may also teach men and women of all ages, and not everyone will pass first time. Some people may be naturals at driving, whereas others will need a lot of practice and support to get to the stage where they can take their test. Could you cope with all these different kinds of people?

Do you have the level of concentration required for a driving instructor career?

When you are teaching a pupil how to drive, they will be in the driving seat operating the vehicle. Your driving instructor career will consist of taking up a position in the passenger seat, ready to operate the dual controls if need be. Good concentration is required to monitor the performance and actions of the learner driver, as well as everything going on around you.

You may be called upon to operate the dual controls to put the brakes on if the learner has not spotted a hazard in front of you.

This is why concentration is so important.

Are you good at organising your day?

When pupils book lessons you will need to know where you have to pick them up and where your next pupil will be. Organising your day to get the most out of it is extremely important. Good organisational skills will allow you to easily book in different pupils at different times of the day, allowing you to maximise your earnings as well.

Would a driving instructor career be right for you?

A career as a driving instructor is full of highs and lows. There is nothing better than watching your pupils successfully pass their tests. At other times you will witness disappointment as they fail and they have to try again. But there is no doubt that a driving instructor career can be very rewarding and desirable – if you have the right skills to make it happen.