Driving Instructor Courses

If you have decided that becoming a driving instructor is your next career move you must first undertake some formal training. Before you are legally allowed to charge clients for driving lessons you must first become a qualified Approved Driving Instructor.

In order to gain these qualifications you will have to attend one of the many driving instructor courses available across the United Kingdom.

Driving Instructor Courses

Selecting a driving instructor course will be one of the most important decisions that you have to make. You should analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each course. Factors that will be important to you will be the overall cost of training, how close your nearest training centre is and in addition what the particular course providers pass / success rate is.

Once you have decide upon which course you wish to sign up for you will begin your training (sometimes within a matter of days). All courses have slight variations in teaching methods but ultimately you will learn the same skills and reach the same goal – to become a fully qualified driving instructor able to take on clients and earn money.

What do driving instructor courses consist of:

The driving instructor courses will be broken down in to three sections.

The first section (part one) will concentrate on the driving theory side of instructing. You will be taught about road traffic procedures and road signs. The course will also teach you about car control, the mechanics of a car, what the driving test involves and also driving law.

Part one concludes with two tests: a multiple choice written test and a hazard perception test.

The second section (part two) of driving instructor courses will focus on your driving ability looking at aspects of your driving such as driving technique and car handling. Part two cumulates in a driving test where you will be expected to demonstrate a high level of competence.

During the test you will be allowed to make up to six minor errors / faults. Any more than this or one or more major faults will result in failure. In a separate exam you will also have your eyesight tested.

The final part (part three) of your driving instructor training course will contemplate instructional ability. You will learn the best methods for imparting your knowledge on to your students as well as how to conduct lessons.

The examination for this stage of your learning will comprise a mainly role play based test of two parts lasting about 3 hours in total. Once you have passed all three parts of your driving instructor course you will be free to apply for driving instructor jobs and get on your way to a lucrative career.