Driving Instructor Wages

Being a driving instructor can be rewarding both in terms of job satisfaction and remuneration. The satisfaction of seeing one of your pupils go from being not able to drive to passing their driving test provides a sense of gratification that many other jobs cannot match. Moreover as a driving instructor you will get to free yourself from the office and enjoy the freedom of the open road.

Driving Instructor Wages

Driving Instructor Wages – How Much?

So, what are a driving instructor wages like?

Well, as with most professions the amount that you can potentially earn in variable depending on many factors and therefore there is not an exact figure for driving instructor wages. However it is possible for a driving instructor to earn in excess of £30k per annum by providing approximately 30 hours worth of lessons per week.

In order to achieve this salary it may take a bit of time to build up a client base and thus a reputation, but with a little motivation and effort you will soon find that you have a successful business.

When you become an instructor you have several career paths that you may follow. You can opt for a career working for a driving instructor franchise or alternatively you may wish to establish your own driving school working on a self employed basis.

If you chose to work with a driving instructor franchise you will be provided with clients and will benefit from brand awareness therefore making it easier to build up your client base and achieve higher earnings more quickly, but you will have to pay a “franchise fee” in order to receive these benefits.

If you decide to set up your own driving school you will have to invest your own money to advertise and promote your service, but once up and running you will not have any franchise fees to pay.

It is also worth noting that from your overall turnover you will have to deduct your expenses such as car purchase/rental, and insurance to name but a few. Once you take these costs in to account you will get a good idea of the potential for driving instructor wages.

Did you know?

The driving instructor test is split in to three sections. They consist of: theory test, driving ability test and instructional ability test. You must also pass an eye examination.