Expected Earnings of a Legal Secretary

When you go into the legal profession, in any type of role, the financial rewards are there. That said, there’s so much more benefits than the salary of a legal secretary to be had, in this role.

When you start out as a legal secretary, and provided you have the drive to do the work and thrive on the responsibilities, you’ll be destined to catch the legal bug. Once you’re in the profession, working as a legal secretary, and have the bug to progress you’re career, there’s no boundaries to stand in your way.

Expected Earnings of a Legal Secretary

You’ll be expertly trained in the legal ins and outs of a law office, and that’s the experience that can open doors to expanding your career, and becoming a legal executive, solicitor, barrister and many other higher paying positions. For those who don’t quite catch onto the buzz of career progression, or don’t fancy further studying, you will still be making good money.

You’ll certainly make more than a secretary job outside the scope of the legal profession anyway.

An insight into the salary of a legal secretary

When you start your career, without any experience, but with suitable qualifications, you are going to be working on the lower end of the pay grade. Some law offices may start you on a base salary of £12’000 and when you look at that way, it isn’t so attractive as the job title may suggest.

Once you’re in the job though, that’s when your salary rises. You can find that after you’ve proven your skills, knowledge of the profession and the ability to provide professional administrative support to solicitors or legal advisors, you can expect to earn up to and above £20’000 per annum. That’s when things start to brighten up in terms of the amount of money you begin to make.

In some larger law establishments covering a wider range of legal matters for their clients, you can find salaries can go as high as £30’000 per annum.

The longer you stick in the profession, as a legal secretary, your skills are going to be exemplary, due to your firsthand experience of everything needing covered on a day-to-day basis, and you’ll be in a position to serve companies better. With years of experience, your services are going to be more suited to some top legal firms, with the funds to pay you upwards of £36’000 per annum.

Why a secretarial job in the legal field pays higher

You get the higher remuneration in the legal profession as you need to be knowledgeable on the lingo used. That comes through in the legal letters you’ll be responsible for typing up on behalf of solicitors.

A legal letter alone from a law office is expensive, so it’s super important that reads extremely professional and that it’s from a solicitor or other legal professional.

As you’re supporting the work of solicitors and other legal professionals, they need the best candidates they can hire. That’s someone who understands their needs, and can serve them with the best service in the industry, which will help them to raise their game, and progress their career.

You need to be able to take on a huge responsibility, and that will be similar to ensuring the office runs smoothly in all areas. The better you can cope with the job demands and your responsibilities, enjoy the work and carry out with dedication, commitment and professionalism, you’ll find you can place yourself into a higher earnings bracket and be rewarded handsomely with a salary of £36’000.

If you’re career focused and catch onto the legal bug, you could use your secretarial experience as an advantage to further develop your qualifications, in the legal field and progress onto greener pastures, increasing your earnings along the way.