Finance Manager Jobs

If you have an aptitude for figures and you have an interest in financial planning, you may want to consider applying for finance manager jobs. These are not entry level positions however. You will have to work your way up through the financial job sector to gain the experience and skills required to be seriously considered for the role.

What skills are required for finance manager jobs?

Successful finance managers display a range of skills they use in everyday tasks. These range from personal skills in dealing with other people – both clients and members of a team – through to being logical and alert to all aspects of commercial business.

Finance managers advise all kinds of businesses. They may work on a freelance basis, accepting new clients as and when their needs appeal to them. Alternatively they may work for a specific company, charity or retailer among other types of business. This means you can work as a finance manager for a business or industry that really interests you.

Do you require any special qualifications for finance manager jobs?

Depending on what industry you want to perform this role in, you will need to gain qualifications in that industry. At the very least a certain amount of experience will be required.

For example a recent job posting for a finance manager for a media company requested that the ideal applicant would have a background in media or television. This was in addition to the essential skills and qualifications required to hold the position of finance manager.

An advanced degree will be required for this role. There is a choice of degrees you can study for, depending on the specific industry you want to work in. For example some managers have a background in business studies, whereas others may have focused on gaining qualifications in financial topics.

What kinds of tasks will you take on in your job role?

The role of a finance manager is extremely varied. It will differ between companies, positions and industries too. However some tasks remain broadly the same no matter which company you are working for.

One regular task is creating financial reports for the company. This can be done every month as well as on an annual basis. A typical day may also include motivating and discussing issues with staff, considering and making business decisions based on financial information and much more besides.

The most important thing to bear in mind when you are considering a career as a finance manager is the degree of knowledge you will need to have. Whoever you are working for will be relying on your knowledge and your ability to make accurate and reliable financial decisions on many levels. The better you are at doing this, the more successful you are likely to be.