Firefighter Qualifications

Most jobs require some level of qualifications in order for you to be considered for that role. However the fire service is one of the few organisations that do not require you to have a certain number of GCSEs or A levels (or any other qualification) in order for you to be considered. Firefighter qualifications are considered in a very different way, as you will see by reading the information below.

Does this mean you don’t need any formal qualifications to join?

This is correct. Even if you have failed to get any qualifications from school, you could still get into the fire brigade. However you would need to demonstrate you have the right skills, abilities and qualities to get in. It is far from easy to get into the fire brigade, so you will need firefighter qualifications of a wholly different kind.

What should I be able to do to stand a chance of being chosen?

You must be able to work with numbers, and you will be tested on this if you get through to the psychological testing procedure. You must also be able to read and understand various types of information, and you must pass a test on this as well.

The third aspect of this part of the testing procedure is to resolve problems. You will be presented with a number of situations and you must pick the best answer from the ones you are given. This will demonstrate that you are able to assess a situation and make the right choices when put in that situation.

Are there any other kinds of qualifications I should have?

Firefighter qualifications are easier to understand on a more personal level rather than an educational level. Obviously you will need to have a certain degree of education to be able to pass the psychological testing stage. But you should demonstrate the wide range of qualities and abilities that are required for all firefighters in the service.

For example you must be willing to accept all forms of diversity and you should have good integrity as well. The application form is carefully created to test all of these abilities, so you must make sure you show you have them all as you fill it in.

Communication, problem solving and a commitment to development are all very important in the fire service. Indeed when you consider the kinds of situations you might find yourself in, you can see how important it is to demonstrate that you have all the right firefighter qualifications up front.

If you don’t succeed with your application the first time you may be able to apply again. However it might be quite some months before you can do so, depending on when the recruitment process is opened up again. You can see therefore that it pays to make sure you have all the right qualifications and can demonstrate them fully before you proceed with your initial application.