Pilates Instructor Careers

Pilates is a form of exercise which incorporates particular movements that are designed to strengthen and also stretch the body.

These movements are also teamed with certain breathing techniques that are said to help balance the whole body.

Become a Pilates Instructor

What doe a pilates instructor do?

As a pilates instructor you may find yourself teaching a group of people or in some cases you may instruct on a one to one basis.

As an instructor it would be your role to teach individuals the specific movements and breathing techniques so that they follow the pilates method. This is described as a very satisfying career but you need to be aware that full time jobs can sometimes be hard to come by.

Pilates Instructor Training

If you are looking to start a career as a Pilates Instructor then you will need to complete the training that is designed specifically for those wanting to become Pilates teachers. The courses you can take do vary, some are short work shops and others are a much more formal program that can last up to a year.

We would advise you to be an active participant within another pilates program before you attend any teacher training. The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) recommends that individuals have at least 200 hours of training that meet the industry standards.

Pilates Instructor Training

What do you need to qualify as a pilates instructor?

To qualify as a pilates instructor you will need to have taken a course with a registered provider. Such as REPS which is the Register of Exercise Professionals. They provide NVQ Level 3 courses in Pilates Mat work; the Complete Pilates Method and an NVQ Certificate in Instructing Mat based Pilates.

On completing one of the relevant courses that we have mentioned you are then advised to become certified as a CPT Certified Pilates Teacher by the PMA.

Becoming certified…

Before you can be certified you must meet be over the age of 18 years and you must meet the experience and educational requirements standards set by the industry. These can consist of the following; evidence that you have completed 450 hours of pilates teacher training from an approved and reliable program. Or if you have had 720 hours of full time work as a pilates teacher within the last twelve months. Once you possess either of these experiences then you can ask to be certified.

Completing your certification…

To complete the certification you must then take the CPT exam, this exam is made up of 150 multiple choice questions that are designed to test individual’s knowledge and ability to evaluate their potential class members fitness levels and their general health.

You will also be expected to show that you have the ability to design client specific Pilates programs and know when to make adjustments to the class when looking at each individuals progress. You will also need to evident that you have knowledge of the specific pilates terms, the equipments and the exercises.

Once you have passed this exam this certified teacher status is valid for two years, this is because pilates instructors are required to continue their education and continue to take courses throughout the course of their teaching career.

Pilates Instructor Jobs

Pilates teachers will generally be based at a studio and hold their classes there. This studio might be a place that you will need to hire and pay by the hour to use or it might be a studio that is dedicated to Pilates. Pilates can also be taught in clients homes should they wish to have one to one sessions. Most Pilates Instructors and self employed.

Pilates Instructor Jobs

What are the working conditions for pilates instructors?

A Pilates class will generally last around 45 to 90 minutes and as a instructor you may teach a class of this length several times a day. You are likely to work weekends and evenings and this is commonly when you will need to hold classes to fit in with your clients working life styles. You may have the odd occasion where you can hold an early morning class on a week day. So your hours tend to vary as you will need to cater for clients.

Pilates jobs can be very rewarding…

It is worth being aware that teaching Pilates is tiring so you will need to be a dedicated individual and this is because you are expected to keep up to date with the training. But this is a very rewarding career; most people who enter this career want to help people improve their health and improve their own health.

What about employed positions?

Employers tend to be large chains of gyms and leisure centres and the classes are usually offered to both members of the gym and sometimes outsiders of the gym.

The classes may focus on a person’s general health or you may have to adapt your class using your skills and knowledge to meet the requirements of those who suffer with arthritis and various other joint pains. The employment out look for those individuals working in the fitness profession which includes

Pilates Instructors looks positive. It has been predicted that the employment rate will increase by 29% between 2008 and 2018. Therefore if you are considering a career as a Pilates Instructor then this would be a good time to do it. In terms of earnings this is going to vary but to give you a rough idea, a one to one session in the London area may cost £60 a session but £40 in outside areas.

If you are running group sessions then you can expect to charge between £8 and £12 per person. There are some larger chains of gyms will pay a Pilates Instructor on a yearly salary.