Swim Instructor Careers

A Swimming Instructor assists people of all ages with different abilities to help them ultimately learn how to swim, to develop and improve their techniques and to advise individuals of ways to exercise in water.

Some teachers may even go on to coach professional and competitive swimmers.

Become a Swimming Instructor

What is a swimming instructor expected to do?

To become a swimming Instructor you would be expected to be able to teach both in a group environment and one to one. You will need to plan the lessons and be able to recognise each swimmers capability and arrange the lesson to meet those individual needs.

You should be able to provide explanations for the various swimming techniques and have the skills to demonstrate these. You will also be expected to correct any faults made by the swimmers in order to help them to develop their swimming techniques.

You will need to know the safety rules for both in and around the pool and make sure your class follows them.

You should also maintain and check that life saving equipment is in working order. And be sure to evaluate each lesson and give the swimmers useful feedback.

Swimming Instructor Training

Becoming a swimming instructor can be a very rewarding experience. Knowing that you have helped someone learn how to swim or even in extreme cases overcome a phobia of water can leave you with a feeling of great satisfaction.

Once you have received sufficient swimming instructor training you will be free to teach pupils on either a full or part-time basis. This can allow you the flexibility to fit teaching swimming in around your family commitments or even a second job.

Swimming Instructor Training

What training do you need to become a swimming instructor and where do you start?

One option would be to carry out an ASA Teaching or Coaching qualification. The specific course you’ll need is either the ASA/UKCC Level 1 Certificate in Teaching Aquatics or ASA/UKCC Level 1 Certificate for Teaching Swimming.

The courses are both theory and practical based and split into two sections. The first covering the main skills you will need to teach. The second focuses on the skills you will need for aquatic teaching specifically working on your technical skills and knowledge of the common faults made by learner swimmers.

Completing a Level 1 qualification allows you to work as a Support to a fully qualified Teacher, thus gaining you valuable work experience. This course typically costs £370 but there is some funding such as bursaries that some individual’s maybe entitled too.

How do you become fully qualified?

To become a fully qualified Swimming Instructor you would then need to complete the ASA/UKCC Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Aquatics. This qualification will allow you to teach UN supervised therefore allowing you full control over your own lesson.

Should you choose to continue learning you could then carry out the ASA/UKCC Level 3 Certificate for Swimming Coaching.  This would qualify you as a Senior Coach. The other alternative is to learn to teach through the STA Teaching qualifications. Their courses are also designed to equip a person with the same skills that is to teach non swimmers, beginners and those who wish to improve.

You would need to carry out the STA Certificate in Teaching Swimming – Beginners first followed by the STA Certificate in Teaching Swimming – Full.

Is there any additional swimming instructor training that you can undertake?

Once you are qualified you can continue to increase your knowledge with STA by taking other courses such as teaching babies, adults and special needs.

Both of the Associations above will gain you full Swimming Instructor Status and once qualified the learning doesn’t have to stop there as you are advised to attend certain seminars and short courses to keep your learning up to date!

Swimming Instructor Jobs

It is a very full-filling and rewarding job being a Swimming Instructor as you play a major part in a person’s swimming development. You may have worked with an individual when they were first learning to swim as a beginner and then with your knowledge and teaching ability you get to nurture their progress into an improved swimmer.

You will get to work and meet many people of all ages and abilities and watch them learn and progress through your own knowledge and skills.

Swimming Teacher Jobs

Swimming Instructor Jobs – What options are there?

Once you have completed your training there a few options open to you with regards to employment, you should bare in mind that it is likely you will find yourself in a Part time position as opposed to Full time work. Such employers can include your Local Authority/Council, Leisure centres, Schools and Swimming clubs.

The hours will be varied, with some weekends and evenings all dependent on when the lessons are to take place.

Can you specialise?

With teaching jobs you can of course specialise, you may wish to only teach babies, or adults or special needs. Some Instructors choose to specialise in just teaching Swimming techniques, where as other professionals may wish to teach Synchronised Swimming, Diving or Water Polo.

How much can you earn?

£30 an hour; this is only an estimated amount and should not be taken literally. As each employer will pay differently once they have taken into consideration your personal knowledge, skills and experience.

Whichever route or employer you choose to follow there is no denying that  Swimming Instructor Jobs will be a very fun, varied and interesting.