Hairdresser Salary – How much can a hairdresser earn?

What is the average hairdresser salary

Before entering any profession most people’s first question is: what are the potential earnings?

Hairdresser Salary - How much can a hairdresser earn?

Well, the answer is not overly simple. Hairdressing like most professions has variable rates of pay depending upon several factors including job type, experience and location and therefore the answer to the question: what is a hairdressers salary is not a simple one.

At the top end of the scale are stylists who earn in excess of £100k per year.

Most will have their own salons with numerous staff working for them, maybe they will own a chain of salons. To attain this level of earnings is what most who enter the profession are hoping for, but in reality very few make this much money. According to the National Hairdressers Federation the top salon employees earn approximately £52k per year.

Again this salary level is usually for the very experience stylist working at popular city centre salons. The average wage for salon workers is in fact nearer the minimum wage plus tips.

Hairdressers Wages

As a self employed mobile hairdresser the earnings are variable.

For those starting out work can be sparse and therefore the earnings similar to a low level salon employee once you have take away any expenditure.

However once established many mobile hairdressers can make a good living, often in excess of £100 per day.

As you can see the potential earnings for a hairdresser range from minimum wage up to the six figure range. Like with any profession you will start out at the lower end of the scale and will have to work your way up to better pay grades.