Hairdressing Career

Hairdressing Career – Where is the best place to start?

If you want to have a long and successful career as a hairdresser you must first undertake some hairdresser training.

Once you have completed the training course and have received your qualifications you are free to begin on your chosen career path and hopefully enjoy a long and prosperous hairdressing career.

Hairdressing Career

Most newly qualified hairdressers find that the best place to start their hairdressing career  is working as a junior in a salon. Some may already have had a Saturday job in a hair salon or may have worked in one as part of a day release from college.

 If you already have had experience in a salon and feel that you have impressed the salon management then you should enquire about the possibility of a full-time work placement. If you haven’t had any previous experience or are looking for a new challenge you can find hairdresser jobs here.

Once you have located your first job at a salon you can begin to progress you way up through the hierarchy towards senior stylist positions or even management positions, not necessarily at the salon you work for. All the time you are in your current position you are gaining valuable experience which will help you when it comes to getting a new job or negotiating a pay rise or furthering your hairdressing career prospects.

College is great for teaching you the fundamentals of hairdressing, however it is hands on experience of a salon environment that will make you a “complete” hairdresser.

You may even find that once you have gained some experience and confidence that you feel like you wish to persue a career as a self employed hairdresser.

This hairdressing career will enable you to work with your own clients in your own time with little overheads,  leading to  a both profitable and flexible career.