Head Chef Jobs

The head chef can also be known as the executive chef or the chef de cuisine. The head chef job as the title would suggest is the top chef in a particular kitchen or establishment and usually has overall control of most details of the running of the restaurant from menu planning through to staff management and stock keeping.

Head Chef Jobs

To become a head chef you must have many years experience behind you and be familiar with all aspects of running a kitchen form detailed knowledge of each food station through to quantities of stock required to keep the kitchen running at full capacity.

What can a head chef earn?

Being a head chef is potentially very lucrative. Like with all chef jobs salaries vary according differing factors such as previous experience, establishment size and location. However a head chef job would usually provide a slary with the range of £15k – £60k+ per annum.

What skills do I need to get head chef jobs?

As a head chef is the ultimate position that a chef can attain the ideal candidates are those that have the ability to work well under pressure. They must be able to communicate well with others as the can potentially be in charge of large teams of chefs. A good ability with numbers is also required to ensure that the kitchens finances and stocks are all in excellent order.

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