Here’s a quick way to set up your own yoga instructor business

If you are a qualified Yoga Instructor and have been teaching for some years then you may be considering starting your own Yoga Studio. Here are just are a few points that you might fins helpful and points that we think you will need to have determined before you can do this –

Here’s a quick way to set up your own yoga instructor business

Target Audience

When starting up your Yoga Studio you will need to have determined exactly who it is that you want to target. You also need to define your reputation, for example do you want your studio to be viewed as a place for serious Yoga students or those who simply use it for simple exercise. Once you have made this decision you can begin to market yourself to your specific audience.

Have a Business Plan

You need to formulate a good business plan, this is where you will put into writing your expected expenses and income. Your business plan needs to take into consideration the cost of renting a space to hold your classes, think about utility bills. You will need to purchase equipment i.e. Yoga mats, you will need to work out your spending with regards to advertising and marketing your services. Work out the size of your studio space as this will determine how many people can attend any one class and therefore determine how much money you will earn per head.

Choose the right Space

where you hold your classes is of utter importance, this needs to be the right size but more importantly have the right calming atmosphere to conduct Yoga. Also take into account the area it is in as this will affect what clientele you are attempting to attract.

Liability Insurance

You need to obtain this insurance as a protection for yourself against personal injury law suits. You need to account for the worst case scenario, so you need to make sure your policy covers an amount big enough to account for this should it ever happen.


This needs to be done professionally and aggressively, you need to get your name out there as soon as it is opening time of your studio. For example get a large advert in the relevant press to advertise your opening etc. Research health magazines in your area as these too might be worth advertising in. Get business cards made up explaining your services and you may also find it useful to have a website.

Above are only a few points that we would recommend you consider and put in place in preparation for your Yoga Studio. Remember that owning and running a Yoga Studio is not just about the Yoga but you need to have a business mind too! It might be hard work but owning your own business and watching it flourish will be worth it!