HGV Vacancies

Are you looking for relevant details on HGV vacancies? Well hopefully the following information will give you the assistance that you’ve been looking for.

Becoming a HGV or LGV driver can be a rewarding and fulfilling career choice, as there is no shortage of available positions within the UK and the salary is normally very good due to the continued demand.

There are a few different types of HGV driving jobs available, depending on what type of licence you have and the type of work and distances you wish to travel.

HGV Vacancies

What type of HGV vacancies are there?

If you have a category C type of HGV licence then, you’ll be able to apply for class 2 type of HGV vacancies. This type of driving work allows you to drive rigid vehicles over 3.5 tonnes and trailers up to ¾ tonne and are usually boxed type wagons. If you’re fortunate enough to have a category C + E licence then, you’ll be able to drive wagons which are over 3.5 tonnes and trailers over ¾ tonne.

This type of HGV licence opens up several new doors, as not only will you be able to drive boxed wagons, but you’ll be able to drive full sized trailers units with a set up of an independent cab and attached curtain type trailer with electric breaker cables.

What type of salary can you make from HGV driving?

There is no fixed rate for HGV driving and it’s always down to the discretion of the employer, but for average class 2 drivers in the UK outwith the London area you would expect to have a basic salary of between £16k – £20k per annum or approximately £7.50 – £9.00 per hour + overtime.

Class 1 drivers can command a better hourly rate and yearly salary due to the extra weight and responsibility of a full sized trailer. You would normally expect to receive an annual salary of between £18k – £25k depending on your previous experience and the distances involved.

The other option with class 1 drivers which would increase your annual pay, is in long distance lorry driving to and from the UK to Europe.

You would expect an annual salary of between £20k – £30k and a lot of optional overtime for the distances covered and the inconvenience of being overseas for a large amount of your working week.