Home Delivery Jobs

In recent years there has been an explosion in the home delivery jobs market. It was initially feared that the internet would have a devastating effect on the home delivery jobs market with people being able to send things to each other online in the blink of an eye. However it has had quite the contrary effect.

Home Delivery Jobs

Home Delivery Jobs – A Good Outlook

People now spend vast amounts of money shopping online and this figure is expected to grow by 10% each year between now and 2015. This rapid growth means that more and more items (that cannot be sent out electronically or by normal mail) have to be shipped by home delivery companies which in turn has created a need for more home delivery drivers.

It is not only the delivery of goods online which has created more home delivery driver jobs. In fact the increasingly hectic lifestyles that people lead has fuelled another boom, this time in the fast food delivery market.  Traditionally if you wanted some fast food you had to go and collect it. Today you can have a wide array of food delivered to your door including Pizza, Indian and Chinese to name but a few.

 In order to survive most fast food establishments employ at least two drivers to deliver food. This work is normally part time (evenings and weekends). You will normally be paid an hourly rate plus mileage – you can also potentially earn significantly more via customer’s tips. Working as a fast food delivery driver can be handy as an extra income.

There are also a wide variety of additional home delivery jobs available. For some you will need your own vehicle whereas others will supply you with a company vehicle, so not owning your own van will not necessarily be a hindrance to you obtaining a home delivery job.

The most vital things you will need to become a home delivery driver are the ability to work on your own initiative, good driving skills and a clean driving licence.