Holiday Rep Careers

As a Holiday rep you are responsible for the groups of customers who are on their holidays at certain resorts. The main role of a Holiday Rep is to ensure that the clients or customers have the best time possible.

You are also the customer’s point of contact throughout the duration of their stay, so it is important that you provide excellent customer service and ensure that their trip runs smoothly.

Become a Holiday Rep

What does a holiday rep do?

You will find yourself holding welcome meetings; you may have to deal with complaints and will be required to sort problems if they should arise. You may also be responsible for the selling of extras, such as excursions and car hire for example.

Holiday Rep Training

If you are looking to train as a Holiday Rep then you first need to ensure that you apply at the correct times. Tour Operators do accept applications throughout the year however if you want to work through the summer months then your best to apply between October and March.

For the winter months get your applications in between April and November.

Holiday Rep Training

You are not required to hold any specific qualifications; they will be looking at your personal skills and personality more than anything.

If you have experience in another customer care role then this is likely to work in your favour however this is not essential as full training is given.

The training begins in the UK before you are sent to your specific resort. You will then be required to complete training on arrival at the resort which is also where you will live and work for the duration of your time there. The length of the training is individual and decided by your employer.

Before you begin your role you are given the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the area, the locals, the trips etc so that you can honestly advise your customers. The training is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you will need to be a Holiday Rep. Topics will include:

  • Skills needed to run a welcome meeting
  • Health and safety
  • Sales strategies
  • Customer service skills
  • Learn about the area – the entertainment, trips etc

The training will also look at scenarios which you will be expected to deal with and the best ways to do this, for example customer complaints should they arise. The training is also a great way to meet other reps and build contacts within the country and surrounding resorts.

Should you join a season half way through then you would still receive the same training and you would be likely to shadow another rep and take over from them as they leave. Once you have completed the official induction then the rest of your training will continue on the job!

Throughout your time as a Holiday Rep you will continue to be supported by senior Reps so that you will always have a point of contact should you need further advice or assistance. And on the odd occasion you may be required to return to the UK for refresher training should any changes be made to your job role.

Holiday Rep Jobs

There is always a high intake of Holiday Reps and they are generally needed every year and to cover every season so there should never be a shortage of job opportunities in this line of work. The main employers are the large and well known Tour Operators as they offer so many different package holidays and so are always in need of new Holiday Reps.

These are not the only employers though; you can also find advertisements through the more specialised Tour Operators such as those dealing with skiing holidays for example. Other employers include camping firms, overseas operators, Hotel’s and so on.

Holiday Rep Jobs

What types of holiday re jobs are there and what do they involve?

There are several types of Holiday rep jobs; you can either work in customer service, or as a family rep, or as a children’s club rep. The roles obvious vary in terms of your duties however there some typical work activities that remain the same for all job types. For example –

  • Greet guests at the airport
  • Take guests to their accommodation
  • Selling excursions
  • Host the welcome meetings
  • Respond to customer queries – lost passport or luggage, complaint about their room, delayed flights etc
  • Provide excellent customer service to ensure they have a great time
  • Organise entertainment or kids activities

Above is just a small selection of some of the work duties you would be expected to carry out no matter what area of the job you work in. All Holiday Reps are working towards the same goal and that is to ensure their clients have a great holiday! In terms of career development as a rep you may decide to progress with your career in a more specialised area, such as –

  • Specialist customer affairs
  • Resort management
  • Guest services

Is this a demanding job?

When you are working as a Full time Rep it can be a very demanding and full on job, with this is mind then most reps tend to stay in this position for a maximum of two years but this does depend on the individual. This does not mean that your career in this industry has to end though. There are other career opportunities in the UK that you can pursue, such as –

  • Work at a tourist information centre
  • Become a Tour Operator
  • Work at a Travel Agents

So within this job role you will acquire a large amount of transferable skills which leads to variety as well as opportunities for career progression depending on your individual skills and expectations!