Hotel Manager Careers

The role of a Hotel Manager is to ensure that the everyday running of the Hotel is smooth and that everything goes to plan, that includes managing the Hotel itself and its staff.

Hotel Managers are also responsible for working out budgets, they need to be organised so that they can direct the hotel services such as reception, concierge, and reservations and so on.

Become a Hotel Manager

They also need to be aware of what is happening with regards to food and beverages and general housekeeping. So this is a responsible job role, one that requires you to be organised, hard working, a good communicator who enjoys working with people.

Hotel Manager Training

Any training that you receive in relation to becoming a Hotel Manager will be delivered on the job and via in house training.

Generally though the job role requires someone with a degree, this is because many of the Hotel chains provide a graduate recruitment programme for their managers. But as mentioned before this is not the only route available into this post, when the role is applied you must check what the employer is offering and also what they are looking for.

Hotel Manager Training

What does the graduate recruitment programme entail?

The length of the graduate recruitment programme does vary dependent on each individual employer. But usually the program will take around two years to complete.

As a general guide the training will involve the trainees working in different managerial operations positions throughout the Hotel such as roles within food and beverage management, which can be anything from the restaurant, to the bar, to conferences or room service. You would probably be required to work within room management also, which would involve you managing reception, reservations, concierge service and housekeeping.

The reason for allowing you access to these areas of work is to help you to gain a wider understanding of how managing the hospitality really works. Generally the training will take place on the job however some Hotel companies will provide you with NVQ’s and specialist courses that cover topics such as customer service, marketing, or food safety, finance and so on.

Not all companies require you to take these qualifications but should you be offered this opportunity you should grab it as this will all aid you and your further career.

Do you have to relocate during training?

If you are working within a large Hotel chain then you may also be required to relocate during your training.

This might mean that you would need to work in their Hotels throughout the UK but it has not been un heard of that trainees carry out some of their program abroad. Don’t let this put you off this is a great opportunity and experience which will only add to your career progress.

Throughout the course of your training you are supported by various other members of management where you will have a personal development plan put together so that both you and the senior member of staff can monitor your progress.

Hotel Manager Jobs

Working as a Hotel Manager is demanding job but it is safe to say that everyday will be different. You need to be organised, flexible, reliable and a real people person.

Hotel Manager Jobs

What does the role of a hotel manager entail?

You need to be able to work within an office typesetting but mainly you will be spending much of your time with your staff and dealing with customers.

The hours will vary and you must be prepared to work quite unsociable hours, you might be expected to work weekends, late evenings and bank holidays and some Hotel Management positions can require the manager to “live in”. So this can restrict your social life and family life so be prepared for that.

You will be required to dress smartly when you are on duty, you need to have a polite and calming influence whilst remaining professional at all times. When you are management you are at the front of the company so creating the right first impression is everything.

What opportunities are available?

There are almost 12,000 hotel establishments throughout the UK who employ up to a quarter of a million employees; but within this large number there is only a small amount of people that are classed as management.

In fact it is a little as under a fifth of these employees that have managerial duties.

So this is a competitive market; saying that though you must not forget that there are also job opportunities in this line of work abroad. Now this really appeals to some people as this also means that you will get the chance to travel whilst you work. But there are a large number of Hotels that you can work in across the UK, you can find job opportunities in some small family run businesses or you can apply to work for one of the major Hotel chains.

This industry in affected by outside influences, for example when a huge event is going to happen; take for example the Olympics of 2012 which created new opportunities across the hospitality sector.

During your time in the position as trainee manager you can expect to be put on a mentoring scheme which would involve you having regular appraisals which will in turn lead to possible promotion.

These mentoring schemes allow you to prove yourself and show what you are capable of.

The rate at which you are promoted will vary dependent on the size of the company you work for, but with this kind of job support you have the opportunity to work your way up from Trainee to deputy manager to finally Head of department roles. And once you reach this peak in your career you can expect your salary to reflect this, earning a possible £55,000 per annum.