How Hard is it to Establish My Own Kitchen Fitting Company?

Do you love putting together kitchen units and fitting them into the empty shell of a kitchen? Have you replaced your own kitchen on more than one occasion and been called on to do the same for friends and family?

If you have you may be able to set up your own kitchen fitting company. However there is a lot to think about before you dive in.

How Hard is it to Establish My Own Kitchen Fitting Company?

How hard is it to do it?

It depends on the individual, their experience and how determined they are. Some people would tell you to forget it even before you have considered it! But you have to make the decision on your own and decide whether a kitchen fitting company would be right for you.

What is the hardest part?

The hardest part of establishing your own kitchen fitting company is just that – getting established. You need to start making a name for yourself so any way you can do that will be good. Ideally you should start by assisting friends and family with redoing their kitchens. If you can take before and after photos you can use them to help create a portfolio of work. This can be used online and in brochures to attract the attention of new customers.

Establishing a website and a presence

If you want to get plenty of work as a kitchen fitter with your own company you need to make sure people can find you and they know what services you offer. Start by creating a website and put plenty of keywords in that are relevant to where you live. Think about what people would look for when searching for a kitchen fitting company.

You should also put ads in local papers and perhaps even post flyers through peoples’ doors. The more advertising you can do early on, the more it will benefit you. Eventually you will be able to rely on word of mouth as well, but only if you get established and you do a good job.

You must be able to persevere

It can be incredibly difficult to set up a kitchen fitting company, especially if there are already a lot of companies like yours in the local area. Try and set yourself apart if you can so people notice you and gain interest in what you have to offer. This will help to sell your skills and abilities and you will likely get more work because of it.

Don’t try to sell yourself solely on price either. This only generates competition as the prices go lower and lower. Find another way to stand out and grab more work as a result.