How much can a hotel manager earn?

When you first begin this career path you enter the industry as a Trainee Manager, this means that over time you will need to show your potential and gain the relevant and much needed experience and once you have done then your salary will reflect how competent you are at the job role.

The salary for a hotel manager is variable that is not every company will pay the same. You need to take into account the size of the establishment and the establishment’s location but not only that this is a competitive career so you will need to be constantly proving yourself which will justify possible pay rises.

 How much can a hotel manager earn?


To give you an idea of a possible starting salary generally a trainee manager is going to start on £21,000 per annum. This can rise and reach anything up to £40,000 per annum but this means you need to be working hard, showing your potential and of course the factors above will play a part too.

Your salary will also reflect your hours, so the more over time you work the more you will earn but only that for those “live in” managers where they are required to live and work at the Hotel during working hours should expect to earn more than those managers who don’t.

Once you reach a more senior level again your salary will reflect this, with this increase comes more responsibility but you will be at such a stage in your career that you are ready for this challenge.  So taking into account your experience, the location of the hotel and the size you can expect to earn up to £55,000 per annum once you become a general manager.

This is not a bad salary and this can continue to rise as you perform and progress, this maybe lower for those smaller hotels. Other benefits that come with this salary are –

  • Pensions and life insurance
  • Meals at work
  • Private healthcare
  • Clothing allowance
  • Discounted hotel accommodation

So if you can work your way up and be working for a substantially sized hotel company then you can expect a decent salary but also other benefits to accompany this.