How Much Can a Painter Decorator Earn?

As with any career choice, getting started as a painter decorator will earn you a smaller wage than you would earn later on as you gain more experience. If you want more information on how much a painter decorator can earn, read through the following details.

How Much Can a Painter Decorator Earn?

Can you earn while training?

You may be able to if you can find work as a trainee. Some painter decorators may hire a trainee to help them in their daily work and this is a great way to get practical experience while training for the better position. You might also complete small painting or decorating jobs – perhaps for people you know – at a reduced preferential rate so you can get some much needed experience.

What can you expect to earn per year when you have completed your training?

Generally speaking earnings for a painter decorator will start at around £17,000 per year. The more experience you have and the better you are at your job, the more you can earn. For example an experienced person can earn as much as £25,000 a year or more, depending on the skills they have.

If you develop specialist skills and can provide particular finishes, i.e. by using different paint techniques, you can earn more from these. If you work for a company rather than being self employed there may be the opportunity to get overtime rates at certain times.

For example let’s say you are working on a plot of land where six new homes are being built. If it is vital that these new homes are built and decorated and available to sell as quickly as possible, you will have more chance to work longer hours for more money.

Can you earn more if you are self employed?

Yes there is definitely an opportunity to earn more since you are being paid directly for the work you complete, rather than being paid a wage by the company you work for. But there are more expenses to think about here too, such as getting and maintaining a work van, so make sure you think about the whole picture.

If you really work hard to develop your business you might even take on more work and a couple of painter decorators to help you with it. This means you will earn more than you would if you simply provided these services on your own. You could get the usual wage from working on one job, plus additional earnings achieved by winning other jobs you would employ other people to work on.

This is the way to earning the best income as a painter decorator, so it is worth bearing in mind for the future.