How much can a Swimming Instructor earn?

When looking at your career options it is only natural to wonder what the earning potential of the career you are considering is like.

However when thinking about becoming a swimming instructor remuneration, while important, should not be your primary concern. Your passion for helping people to learn how to swim and passing on your knowledge should be your primary focus.

If you decide to become a swimming teacher simply for the salary you will inevitably lose interest quickly and this will affect both your own and your pupils enjoyment.

How much can a Swimming Instructor earn?

I am in it for the right reasons – what can I realistically earn?

There is no clear cut answer to this as there is so many contributing factors that determine a Swimming Instructors salary. An employer would take into consideration what qualifications and experience you might have.

The area and location that you will be working in, your job title and the level of teaching you will be doing, so whether the lesson is for beginners or improvers for example. And lastly your salary will depend on the amount of hours you will work.

It is currently stated that most Swimming Instructors work on a part time basis and on an hourly rate ranging from £10 to £30 based on the factors mentioned above.

What does a fully-qualified swimming instructor earn?

A fully qualified Swimming Instructor is likely to earn anything from £10,000 to £20,000 per year.

This is just a guideline based on current figures. Should you take your teaching career to next level and teach/coach at a National or District level you are likely to earn over £20,000 per year. Factors such as London weighting may increase a Swimming Instructors salary.

So it is clear that the salary of a Swimming Instructor is going to vary dependent on the level of your teaching. But some people’s motivation to become a Swimming Instructor may not be down to the salary but due to the other positives and benefits of the role.

Such as flexible hours, you get meet lots of new people, learn and teach new skills, and have the personal reward of getting to watch your class improve and develop thanks to your own knowledge.