How Much Can You Make Working as a Bodyguard?

Security is a thriving business and while your typical security job requires long hours for low pay, you can actually make a decent living working in the private security sector as a bodyguard.

There are skills involved, and you will need to be suitably qualified, which is why there’s a higher rate of pay involved in the job. The rate of pay you receive isn’t on a salary basis. It’s based on a per assignment basis, and that’s normally paid at a set rate per day.

How Much Can You Make Working as a Bodyguard?

The daily rate of a bodyguard, or as it’s more professional known, a close protection officer (CPO), varies significantly based upon the level of risk involved. There will be some work on a local basis, which will usually involve high profile clients, such as celebrities and politicians.

During a politics rally, the bodyguard will be required to assess the areas for potential hazards to their clients.

The same will happen with celebrities.

It’s the duty of the bodyguard to ensure crazed fans are under control and prevent any harm to their client. The above would indicate a low risk assignment, provided there aren’t any significant threats made known. When they are, the bodyguard needs to know about potential threats, which could arise, so they can better protect.

The rates of pay per bodyguard assignment

Low risk assignment

For overseeing the security of clients during a high profile event, and ensure that there’s no security breaches, a bodyguard will be paid at around £100 – £150 per day, for working within the UK. When you’re required to travel abroad, the rate of pay will double to around £300 – £400 per day, to allow for your travel and the work away from home aspect of the job.

Medium risk jobs overseas

When you’re travelling abroad and the client is aware there is a potential element of risk involved, the rate of pay accounts for the higher risk potential. In return for the level of risk and travel, a bodyguard can expect remuneration to average £400 – £500 per day.

Operations involving a high level of risk

Some clients who are in the public eye, within a variety of businesses, may need to travel internationally from time to time. That can involve going into some volatile areas, where violence is rife. In these situations, it’s the risk element of the area you’re travelling to and not a direct correlation to a threat made against your client. They’ll just be travelling overseas, to conduct some form of business, and will require someone suitable to navigate them around dangerous terrain, without fear of injury from violence.

For these type of assignments, you can earn around £1000 per day, which will also need to cover your travel fees, although some clients may be happy to cover this, on your behalf.

Code red risk assignments

This is your extremely dangerous assignments and you will need to be elite in your field to carry out these assignments successfully. These assignments will involve a direct threat to your client in which they may be being blackmailed to do something that they aren’t willing to do.

Whatever the threat is, you may need to protect the entire family and not just your client. These types of personal security jobs may be required in cases where there’s a threat of kidnapping, or a personal death threat been received by your client. These are extremely high-risk assignments, with a high probability that you’ll be engaged in combat.

For these types of assignments, you can expect to be paid around £1500 per day, for your expertise in personal security.